With Comics on the heart-OP prepare

Anyone who has experienced a OP-enlightenment, was perhaps overwhelmed and didn’t understand some things may be correct. For that not to be so, have in mind Prof. Dr. Verena Stangl and her colleague, Dr. Anna Brand of the Charité in Berlin-Mitte, that a Comic could be the remedy. In fact, best practice is already in practice: The patients knew by the Comic better about the engagement notice, and had less anxiety.

In the case of the OP education is explained to the patient, the procedure and the risks associated with it. Since the Medicine was noticed that some patients had not understood the principle of an upcoming heart catheterization, however, and the Use of wrong view, have you considered that the images could contribute to the understanding.

In a pilot study they could show that the developed Comic increased the understanding of the patients significantly: In contrast to the classical enlightenment, in which the patients replied to after nine of 13 questions about the procedure correctly, it was with the Comic book twelve of 13. At the same time, 72 percent of participants felt the Comic well to the heart catheter examination is prepared, in contrast with the conventional method of only 41 percent.

Dr. Anna Brand, of the Medical clinic with a focus on cardiology and angiology, Charité explains: "A Comic allows you to capture complex content, both lyrically and visually, and this has been proven to improve the Understanding of the different types of learning. In addition, a Comic book – in contrast to a Video – the reader or the reader so much time to Capture the content, such as individually needed."