Why you are not storing your food leftovers in canning should

In the Corona of a crisis not only of toilet paper, and yeast are in high demand. Also the food in the canned food will be hoarded, and for good reason: Ravioli, Corn, and pickled fruits in cans Packed for years. From a health point of view, canned foods are also safe, even if the vitamins remain in the preservative often on the track. Especially legumes such as chick peas and canned tomatoes but in good conscience recommend it to.

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Some of the canned goods hold a lot of content – up to 400 grams, and more. But what if something is left? To leave residues in the canned food and just put it in the fridge, is not a good idea, makes it clear that the verbraucherzentrale Bayern in a message. The reason is that Many food cans are coated Inside with a protective coating. When you Open with a can opener or a fork, this paint can be damaged, at the same time, oxygen passes into the Interior. “This Tin from the can material may and goes over to the food,” writes the consumer. Tin is a heavy metal and can pollute in larger quantities in the kidneys. In the case of sensitive people Tin can also lead to discomfort in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Tin in canned food remains the precaution of decanting

“The risk to health by tins is rather low, however, this precaution is useful,” says Susanne Moritz, diet expert to the consumer. “It is better leftover to decant into a sealable storage containers made of glass or plastic.” Positive side effect: In sealable containers to keep the food much longer than in opened cans because of less air to get to the goods.

Cans are dropped on the floor and dented, should also the precaution to be sorted out. From damaged cans can solve may also be Tin.

Source: Verbraucherzentrale Bayern / Chemical and veterinary investigation office Stuttgart

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