Why smokers money for should Stop get

It offers them money as a reward, helps to stop people Smoking and to remain abstinent. A meta-provides analysis of the University of East Anglia, now documents. The method works, therefore, also in pregnant women who want to quit Smoking.

The Team of Caitlin Notley, a researcher at the University of East Anglia, analyzed 33 studies in which some of 21,600 people in the United States, Thailand, Europe, and the Philippines had participated.

In the studies, the nicotine addict try to participants in cash or a voucher was offered, in order to stop Smoking. In a control group of people were invited without the announced reward to smoke any longer.

50 percent higher probability of

“Six months or longer after the start of the Experiments, people, money was offered had ceased to be a 50 percent higher probability of Smoking than Participants in the control group,” said Notley.

In concrete Figures this means: In the control group, approximately seven percent to listened successfully to smoke. The trial participants, financial incentives were offered, there were about 10.5 percent.

The success rates remained even after the reward was paid.

The financial incentives differ greatly – from 40 Euro up to 1056 euros were paid in the studies. A difference in the amount of the reward is not power but apparently.

A similar effect in Pregnant women

Ten of the reviewed studies examined the phenomenon in pregnant women. 2571 part of the studies were Pregnant women. Overall, the distribution was after half a year, on average, the following: The probability of Smoking Pregnant quit, if you asked them a voucher in 2,38 times higher, than if you promised them a coupon.

Here, the researchers want to make no hasty statements, because some of the included studies were of high been defective.

Save lives and save money

In order to examine the abstinence, were monitored in all studies, the Participants for at least six months. Those details abstinent, were medically examined. For body fluids or your breath were analyzed.

To pay people to stop Smoking, could save not only human lives but also save money, stresses Notley. Because the costs of Smoking are enormous. The treatment of possible cardiovascular diseases and other health consequences are expensive, in the study, in addition, seizure will be discussed at the end of the loss of productivity.

In Germany, one in eight deaths is due to Smoking, so the German cancer research center. It is about every fourth man and every fifth woman smokes.