Whitening products damage your teeth

Many tooth bleaching products are available and you should make the Smile more beautiful. New investigations show, however, that they also can cause tooth damage. Collagen from the dentine, the layer under the enamel, is decomposed by the active ingredient in the bleach in small fragments.

In three experiments, researchers from the Stockton University in New Jersey showed that hydrogen peroxide, which is used in many products for whitening of teeth, the protein-rich may damage the dentin tissue under the enamel.

While in most studies only the effect of tooth bleaching agents has been studied on the outer tooth enamel, researchers focused their efforts on the Dentin, which makes up the largest part of the tooth and a high protein content, of which the largest part of collagen. In the process, they were able to show that collagen from Dentin is decomposed during the treatment with hydrogen peroxide. "The treatment with hydrogen peroxide concentrations of bleaching agents are tooth similar enough to the original collagen protein to Disappear bringen", Professor Kelly Keenan said.

Previously, it had been demonstrated that hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the enamel and the dentine, and the dentine layer decreases when the teeth were treated with a bleaching agent.


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