Tongue burned palate burned: What to do?

Probably everyone has been burned once already tongue or palate, and I know how uncomfortable that can be. The cause is usually the enjoyment of hot food or hot drinks. Fortunately, it is, however, in most cases, only minor burns.

Especially in the case of dishes with melted cheese (like Pizza or lasagna), this can happen quickly. Because while other hot dishes or drinks vaping normally, the lack of this visible warning signal in the case of hot cheese. Shall be liable to a hot pizza topping, then on the palate, it can come quickly to the typical “pizza burning”.

Light or strong combustion?

Depending on how hot the source of the combustion was, and how long the contact lasts, can be burns to the tongue or palate to varying degrees.

In the case of a slight combustion, i.e. a combustion in the first degree, the affected area is painful, reddened and slightly swollen.

In the case of a combustion of the second degree , the pain stronger. The affected area is red and swollen and may form fluid-filled blisters.

In the case of a burn of the third degree is the affected tissue is strongly damaged: The see white or black. It can lead to Numbness.

First-Aid Measures

If you are on the tongue or the palate, slightly burnt have, it is sufficient normally, the areas to cool – for example, like this:

  • Rinse the mouth for a few minutes with cool water.
  • You suck on ice cubes or an ice cream.
  • Keep cool food (e.g., yogurt) for a while in the mouth.

In the case of more severe burns to the tongue or the palate (i.e., second, or third degree), severe pain, or open areas of the skin in the mouth you should see a doctor. This applies also, if the combustion does not seem to heal.

Lighter burns improve without treatment after a few days and heal within about two weeks.

Our tip: If you find yourself tongue or palate burned, refuse in the first days and then once on hot drinks and food as well as spicy dishes. Because this can irritate the burn. Also, crispy-edged dishes are more likely to be treated with caution, since they prepare the food, under certain circumstances, pain and mucosal injury. Do you prefer soft and best of all cool food.


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