Toads poison and lilies alkaloid against cardiac fibrosis

In the investigation of numerous natural products, researchers have identified 15 substances that could act against a morbid growth of connective tissue in the heart. Two of them that could be straight out of their origin in accordance with the recipe of a magic Potion, improved in animals, the function of the heart try.

Two substances from the venom of the Chinese toad, and the Belladonna Lily, proved in cell culture and animal studies as effective against cardiac fibrosis. In this disease the connective tissue cells to grow excessively and stiffen the heart muscle, so that is a weakness of the heart. "The Sensational part is that it is a diastolic dysfunction of the heart, as yet, no therapy gibt", Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Thum from the Institute of Molecular and Translational therapeutic strategies Hannover Medical school, explains.

Good results in animal tests

In Tests on rats and mice, he was able to show his Team that the two natural substances to prevent fibrosis in the heart and the function of the heart during the relaxation and filling phase of the heart muscle could improve. The substances of the animals were well tolerated, and no adverse effects on the liver or kidney were observed.

Worldwide more than 30 million people suffer from diastolic heart failure, when heart function by fibrosis progressively worse. Because you can not treat this, so far, had made the scientists to the task, to find in a natural product library with more than 150,000 substances to appropriate drug candidates. After they had made a pre-selection of 480 substances, was first tested in the laboratory, whether these inhibit the growth of connective tissue cells, but not the heart muscle cells. Thereafter, animal experiments were used.