The swimming pool smells of chlorine? The disgusting reason

Tip 1: The swimming pool smells strongly of chlorine

Everyone knows him, no one like him: the strong smell of chlorine, the blows sometimes when you Enter the free pool to the nose. In fact, the Muff has a nasty Background: chlorine is an odorless chemical that is used for water disinfection. Only in combination with urea – so, the urine – is produced from chlorine, Trichloramine. And the smells. The rule of thumb: the stronger the typical swimming pool odor is, the more pee is in the pool.

Harmful the smell is not in the rule. To a lot of Trichloramine in the water, however, can lead to Atemnnot in patients with asthma, and irritate the eyes.

Tip 2: The eyes are to the Swimming fire red

No, it is not the chlorine in the water is to blame for the red eyes after Swimming. Rather, it is the substances that occur when the chlorine with urine, sweat and other dirt reacts to particles in the water. They irritate the mucous membranes and can cause the eyes to redden when Swimming.

The eyes burn when Swimming, tears and itching start, you should leave the pool better. Usually the symptoms disappear after a few hours. You to keep mind over a longer period and getting worse over the course of the coming day even should you go as a precaution to the eye doctor. Under certain circumstances, the bath water has washed then bacteria or a foreign body in the eye.

Tip 3: The water looks cloudy and milky

Cloudy water in swimming pools can have a variety of reasons, many of which are harmless, but unappetizing. So are dust, Pollen and residues of sun creams in the water. May be the filter system of the pool is defective. The swimming pool operator in any case, if you have the impression that the water is striking is cloudy or dirty.

Tip 4: The filter systems make a bad impression

Check the floor drain and the inlet nozzles of the pelvis. The drains and inlets may provide clues to the condition of the filter system. They look dirty or rusty, you should report to the pool operator. Also, loose Flap and missing covers are reported immediately as they can lead to hit the hole.

Tip 5: The floor is slippery

A slippery, slippery Film on the pool floor or the pool walls, gives an indication of bacteria in the basin and occurs when the disinfection of the water once was not enough. The slippery Film can also lead to Although, for example, when children slip off the edge of the pool. Important, therefore, to the Badepersonal report.