The shingles vaccine protects against stroke

Shingles, the chicken pox virus caused by infection, is associated with a higher risk for a stroke. Of a vaccination seniors could benefit in two respects, as a new study shows.

A live vaccine for shingles reduced the risk of stroke by 16 percent. Especially this was the case of people aged between 66 and 79 years of age, in this age, the risk of stroke decreased by almost 20 percent.

"One of three people who are ill in their life to chickenpox, get the shingles. The live vaccine has a preventive effect and reduces the risk of shingles by about 51 percent. Its effect, however, increases with age, ab", study leader Quanhe Yang, a scientist at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) declared in Atlanta.

Risk für Gürtelrose increases with age

Shingles is caused by a reactivation of the chicken pox virus and typically occurs after the age of 50. Since the age of. It is believed that the use of a Virus causing inflammation of the reason for the increased risk of stroke could be a disease of shingles.

The study had begun, when there was only a live vaccine against shingles. Now there is a second vaccine that produces a more reliable protection. The vaccination is recommended for adults aged 60 years and older; persons with underlying diseases of 50 years. In Germany licensed vaccines were affected by supply bottlenecks. They are supposed to be according to the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in February, and from mid-March back in stock.


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