The house doctor has to pay Euro 500,000 for Pain and suffering

A family physician from lower Saxony have to pay because of a treatment failure, a half a Million euros for Pain and suffering to the widow of the patient, and his three children. The doctor had dealt with pain in August of 2017, the then 50-Year-old because of acute back, which occurred after several intervertebral disc damage. Within a week, administered to him by the family doctor four times, two injections of the preparations Solu-Decortin and Diclofenac.

A few hours after the fourth treatment, the Patient collapsed and came down with chills and difficulty in breathing to the hospital. There, the Doctors found a severe septic shock, the failure of a multiple organ and a permanent paralysis. For more than a year the man had to be ventilated artificially. That would improve his condition, were the Doctors. The Patient finally opted for the “medically accompanying ducks suicide,” – said in a message to the higher regional court of Celle, which is now on the case, ruled (case VI ZR 355/18).

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Consequences of a syringe abscess

The widow and children of the deceased had filed a complaint against the family doctor and 500,000 euros required for Pain. The higher regional court of Celle ruled in the sense of surviving, and thus confirmed a previous judgment of the district court of Lüneburg. The judgment is final. A Revision was rejected by the Federal court of justice.

The court ruled that the treatment of the family doctor as grossly erroneous. Therefore, to resist the injection of the two administered language want to supplements in the muscles “to the professional medical Standard, and popular guide recommendations”.

The cause of the Sepsis was abscess, according to experts, a so-called Injection molding. This arises, for example, if the patient’s skin is disinfected before the injection properly. Thus, pathogens can enter the body and a purulent inflammation of the trigger. In the current case, the bacteria got into the bloodstream and caused Sepsis, which is also known as blood poisoning.

More than 300,000 people in Germany are diagnosed per year from Sepsis. Instructions are to be in extreme discomfort, heavy breathing, confusion, high fever and a discolored skin, for example, black-stained fingertips. Also chills, and drowsiness are possible symptoms. Anyone who has observed these symptoms, you should dial the emergency call number 112 and get help.