“The funds have to pay the”

Federal Minister of health, Jens Spahn (CDU) has spoken of the need to make trisomy test for Pregnant women to Fund performance. “If you now have a Test that has virtually no risk, then the funds have to pay,” said Spahn in the “picture”Talk “The right questions”. Finally, will be refunded for a Long time, a corresponding amniotic fluid test in some women, although this bring the risk of a miscarriage.

To minimize “alone, to risk, should Fund the coffers of the now,” said Spahn. The decision to do this, but only when the Joint Federal Committee (G-BA).

The Bundestag wants to lead on Thursday for an orientation debate on the topic. Among politicians and ethics experts of the prenatal blood test is controversial because many parents decide after a positive result for an abortion. So far, Pregnant women must pay at least 130 Euro expensive blood test in the rule itself.

“Every life has the same Dignity”

The CDU Presidium advised on Monday about prenatal genetic blood tests. Then CDU General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said, of the statutory health insurances pay. The expectant parents should, however, be accompanied and be enlightened.

At the end of the Advertise must stand for life, said the CDU General Secretary. Every life is of equal value and the same have Would be, “whether with down syndrome or any other disability”.

The Federal Joint Committee of health insurance funds, hospitals, Doctors, and patients ‘ representatives has triggered the end of March, the procedures, the Tests make in the future to Fund performance – but only if there is a risk of pregnancy.

In a first step, professional societies, the Federal chamber of physicians, the German ethics Council, genetic diagnosis Commission and many other organizations opinions to make to the plans. Expected to be in August of 2019, the G want to advise BA about his draft decision. Until the Change is for patients to enter into force, it is likely to take until the fall of 2020.

So the Test works

For the Tests, it is Pregnant women from the 11. Week blood drawn. On the basis of the contained chromosomes parts of the child or the placenta, the probability can be calculated, with the help of the child would be coming with down syndrome – but also other Trisomies – to the world.

With an accuracy of 99 percent of the blood test is considered to be safer than the so-called First-Trimester Screening with a rate of 95 percent. The doctor measures the fetus is in the 11. to 14. Week of pregnancy with an ultrasonic device, in addition, he analyzed certain blood values of the mother.

Long was during the pregnancy with an amniocentesis to determine whether the child Trisomies. These Doctors recommend currently still unclear Findings after First-Trimester Screening or blood test. Amniocentesis carries risks, however: About one to three out of 1000 fetuses do not survive the surgery.