Study unveiled: the size of the average Penis is

Even in the 21st century. Century, it remains a question that torments men Is my best piece ever big enough? A new study could all bring incorrigible doubters now, finally, the long – awaited salvation or final Ruin, overthrow.

  • Study reveals average penis size.
  • 13,12 centimeters are perfectly normal.
  • Foot size has no influence.

It is a basically cordial irrelevant question, which should have taken care of in the case of many a man, nevertheless, already for sleepless nights: How big is the average size of a Penis actually is – or better said: what is the size of my best piece in comparison to the average?

What anguish would have been avoided, what Fears could have been taken, would scientists put out a little earlier with their recently published study.

The average size of an erect Penis is therefore 13,12 centimeters and the flaccid state of 9.16 centimetres, according to the news Agency AFP reported. So by breathing. The Figures are intended to help “a large majority of men, to insure that your Penis has a normal size,” commented one of the British researchers, the results.

Participants between 17 and 91 years

For their study, the researchers analyzed numerous studies on this topic. In total, they covered the length of more than 15,000 penises, the AFP reported. The participants in the studies were between 17 and 91 years of age, and had let your Penis already for the previously published studies in Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United Nations measure. The data collected are therefore as comprehensive as any study before.

The collected data set will be passed to Doctors, who can, in turn, rely on him, should appear to be full of worries and concerns men and their fear to Express, to be, in your opinion, to modestly equipped. It should be diagnose, in truth, only about two percent of the men, an unusually small or large Penis.

Foot size has no significant influence

The researchers would have been able to find in the course of their studies no significant differences related to the race, even if there is no final judgment could be made, were most participants from Europe or the Middle East.

Also there is a connection between the foot size of a man and his best piece was not detectable.

"Young men are through the Internet desinformiert"

Really new is the Numbers, says Wolfgang Bühmann from the professional Association of German urologists – but still important. Because they could help men who were to influence very of photo montages or pornographic images from the Internet. "Young men are misinformed by the Internet, because you have a contact person fehlt", Bühmann says that in the "Dr. Sommer"-Consulting team of the journal "Bravo" involved.

The study is available in English here.