So the mood in 12 minutes you can improve

Each of us has chocolate methods, to lift the mood: such a piece, or a glass of wine. Researchers at the University of Iowa have a very different proposal, how a bad mood can be in a simple manner in a short period of time to distribute it: Instead of focusing on ourselves, we should prefer to others from the heart happiness. For a couple of minutes per day even.

The scientists have found out with a simple Experiment, that people who bring other people positive thoughts and congratulations, were more empathetic and even more comfortable, connected, caring, and less anxious felt.

"If you give other people the kindness, the Fears diminished, and feelings of social connection erzeugt", Douglas Gentile, a psychology Professor said. "It is a simple strategy that does not take a lot of time that you can integrate in your daily activities." Who compared, however, with other, much worse: "In fact, the social downward comparison a competitive strategy. Competing mindsets with Stress, anxiety and depression in connection gebracht", Dr. Dawn Sweet, a lecturer in psychology.

It was surprising that different personality types similar results were achieved by – the character was irrelevant, because people with eight seeds and narcissistic features benefited equally, to wish Good to others.

In their Experiment, the researchers had students in twelve minutes in a building running around and your fellow human beings with different ideas. A group should want other people’s thoughts of happiness. The participants of a second group should consider what you could connect with other people, and in a third group, the participants should compare themselves with others and think about how you might be superior to others. The participants of a control group should focus only on externals. Before and after the walk, fear, happiness, Stress, empathy, and connectedness of the study were measured participants.