So effective alcoholics Anonymous are

According to a comprehensive analysis of the alcoholics Anonymous seeks to offer effective aid to the phasing out of alcohol. The participation in the self-help organization seems to be even more effective than psychotherapy.

Scientists have compared the effectiveness of a participation in alcoholics Anonymous with other therapies. This showed that the more alcohol the sick people achieved with the self-help organization of abstinence as with psychotherapy, and at a much lower cost for the health system. The results were regardless of whether it was in the case of the study participants, young, older, male or female, and which of the five different countries they came from.

Mutual Unterstüup helps of abstinence

The program of alcoholics Anonymous is according to the researchers, is so effective because it is based on social interaction, the members support each other emotionally and give practical tips to pass on the Drink. The study’s author, Keith Humphreys, Professor of psychiatry and behavioral Sciences, had not believed at the beginning of his career, a self-help organization could come to similar good results as psychologists and psychiatrists, who have completed many years of training to treat alcohol-related diseases. Today, he gives many patients the advice to try it with alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcoholics Anonymous found in 1935, when two men from Ohio after a way of seeking to stay sober. They managed, by setting up a self-help group. Later, they developed a 12-step program, the first is to accept that one is unable to control the Drinking. In the last step the own experiences on the path to abstinence to others Affected will be given more. The model has spread around the world, there are now over two million members in 180 countries.