Sleep disorders? Here are 14 tips for a more relaxing night

Tips for a good night’s sleep

Sleep disorders are on the rise: The number of people in Germany, can bad sleep or to sleep through. The Figures of the DAK-health. Since 2010, the number of increased people with sleep disorders to 66 percent. Under particularly severe insomnia every tenth employee suffers accordingly, a 60 percent increase since 2010.

Sleep disorders can have different causes – from environmental noise in the night about Stress in the workplace or in the family to a generally wrong approach to sleep.

Food and Drink can affect sleep as well. May be it helps also, the life habits, a small change little or the bedroom back and forth – finally, the night should be relaxing and not a reason to fret.

Coffee and Cola, as well as black or green tea wax. Because caffeine and Caffeine stimulate the heart and circulation. In sensitive persons, even up to 14 hours long. May be you are one of these people. Try to refrain from these drinks in the afternoon.

Wine and beer interfere with dream sleep

Alcohol is estimated by some as a sleep aid. Because two glasses of beer or wine to relax and make it tired. But be careful: you can first make addicted to alcohol, if he becomes a regular companion. Secondly, it will shorten certain stages of sleep, called REM-phase. This is the time of colorful dream images. Because alcohol interferes with this Phase, you Wake up in the Affected, rather in the night, especially in the second half of the night. Then many of them will not be able to fall asleep.

Cigarettes do not promote sleep also. Because nicotine acts as a stimulant for the brain. Therefore, it interferes with sleep. You want to avoid the stimulating effects of nicotine, you should stop three to four hours before going to bed Smoking. In addition, tobacco causes lung damage. Who can’t breathe well, can’t sleep well.

Night snacking makes you sleepless and thick

A full stomach will not only let you bad dreams, but also bad sleep. At best, they eat three hours before bedtime, no larger quantities. The same goes for the Drink. Otherwise, your stomach and your intestines are busy, sleep is restless, and superficial. Have you slept in the middle woke up in the night, you should eat nothing. Because the body gets used to the treats, he soon wakes you up regularly and always pushes you back to the fridge.

Sports and exercise are healthy. But not directly before bedtime. Because strong effort enabled the so-called sympathetic nervous system. This network controls the entire body, those control circuits which enable the organism in the performance readiness: It stimulates the metabolism and accelerates the pulse. Until the nervous system is again shut down, take a few hours. Work-out you should during the day: The prolongs the deep sleep of the shares, and improves sleep.

You relax before falling Asleep

Better to let the day slowly fade away. Treat yourself to two hours before bedtime to rest, both physically and mentally. If you have any Worries or concern you heavy thoughts: Maybe it helps you to write the troubles in a diary. The supports to handle the stressful problems, and to banish for the night.

Man is a creature of habit. This is why sleep rituals help. So that you can attune your body to snooze. In principle, it does not matter which Ritual you choose, the main thing is, follow it regularly before falling Asleep. Some hear music, others are doing the same walk. Or you brush your teeth, close the door, extinguish the light, always in the same order. The Ritual should take no longer than 30 minutes.

You don’t look at the clock!

If you Wake up at night, you should not look at the alarm clock. Because the look on the watch mostly causes mental and physical reactions that hinder sleep. Turn your alarm clock just so that you can’t see him at night. Turn on no light: light activates our body’s internal clock and keeps you awake. Then they come out from the sleep rhythm. If you need light, use a dim lighting.

In your bedroom you should feel right at home. Pay attention to the correct temperature: 16 to 18 degrees Celsius are considered optimal. At night, it should be in the room really dark. If you have a street light shines in, Get light-absorbing curtains. You areas, to the extent possible, sources of noise out of the way. Ideally, the room should be only for the night, and not as a work room or store room.

In bed for only two things-sleep Pro: sleep and Sex

If possible, use the bed only for Sleep and Sex, if you want to. Do not watch TV, eat, read, ponder, argue, and do not call you in bed! Otherwise, you connect the place to sleep unconsciously with active activities that can disturb sleep. You go to bed, when you are really tired.

You can’t go to sleep, not lie awake in bed and roll around annoyed. Get up dear and go into a different room. Do you listen to something Boring, for example, quiet music. Lie down until you feel sleepy. If you can’t then fall asleep still, repeat the Whole thing. Get up in the morning, but always at the same time, if possible, even on weekends and in the holidays.

NAP of the day to prevent sleep in the night. You are then in the evening, not tired enough to sleep. It is particularly tricky to take a NAP in front of the TV or with the evening paper in the Hand: brings your sleep rhythm is pretty messed up.