She recognized the son immediately: This is the woman who has awakened after 27 years of coma

In the case of a traffic accident in Abu Dhabi, a 32-year-old mother fell into a coma. 27 years later, Munira Abdulla woke up in a clinic in Bavaria and spoke with your now adult son. The story of a little medical miracle.

There are such stories, the members of the long-term coma patient, hope: waking up from a coma, although more than a quarter of a century has passed without much progress.

This is a story about Munira Abdulla from the United Arab Emirates. Her son Omar Webair she told a few days ago the newspaper “the National” of Abu Dhabi. She’s playing between the United Arab Emirates, London, and the small Bavarian town of Bad Aibling, where the Doctors still are amazed about the return of a patient to life – after almost 30 years in a coma.

1991: brain injury and coma after traffic accident

In 1991, the 32-year-old Munira Abdulla with your four-year-old son Omar in Al Ain, a city in the centre of the United Arab Emirates, got into a serious traffic accident. While the little Boy wore only a couple of scratches, suffered his mother, who had thrown himself in front of the clash on him, a heavy skull-brain Trauma and fell into a coma.

The Doctors made the family hopes that the young woman would ever Wake up again. Your son today is as old as his mother in the time of the accident, clinging always to the hope that they would turn to it one day, the eyes.

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More than two decades, nothing happened. Omar Webairs mother and fading of the paint, in the condition, the physician as a “syndrome of mini consciousness”. As well as Doctors could not help in London, spent the woman’s many years in various clinics and nursing homes in their homeland. She was fed through a stomach tube and got physical therapy to prevent muscle atrophy and cramps.

Her son spent all the years as much time as possible with his mother. “For me, it was like Gold, the more time passed, the more valuable it was for me,” he explained in an Interview with “The National”.

July 2017: treatment in a clinic in Bavaria

The first big twist came in 2017, as the crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Mohamed Bin Zayed, was on the case, Munira Abdulla’s attention. He granted the family a loan for a therapy in Germany, the medical site with the best reputation in Arab countries. Beautiful clinic, Friedemann Müller, head physician at the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling

And so the fully-veiled woman from the Emirates ended up in the Schön clinic in Bad Aibling, Bavaria, a prestigious hospital for neurological diseases and Rehabilitation. “We are also focused on patients from the Arab region,” says the chief doctor, and Friedemann Müller. “For example, we have Arabic speaking Doctors and physiotherapists.”

Sitting in a wheelchair – the Doctors already a success

The physician explains in an interview with FOCUS Online, that you wanted to help the patient, especially physically. She came with strong spasms, twisted limbs, and had epileptic seizures. “We have focused on relaxing through physical therapy and the installation of a Baclofen pump, spasticity the body of the patient,” explains the physician. “It was a success, that the patient sitting, after six months in a wheelchair and walk.”

The Arabic-speaking Aiblinger neurologist Ahmad Ryll put it to “The National” flowery: “We wanted to give her fragile mind, the opportunity to develop in a healthy body, like a tender Plant that needs good earth to grow.”

Her son Omar Webair soon had the feeling that his mother would speak to at any time begin. The Doctors thought it was in the first six months for wishful thinking. According to a statement by Dr. Muller, you are not actually believed to be able to do even more for Ms. Abdulla to do.

June 2018: woke up after 27 years of coma

However, a year after the beginning of therapy, in the last week of the hospital stay, the miracle happened, had hoped her son: “I woke up because someone called my name. It was. They also called the names of their siblings, but my Name was the first that came to her mind again.“

The Bad Aiblinger neurologists, the development of see a little more sober. It was certain, that the patient exhibited increasingly reactions. “But how quickly and to what extent it went, all of us completely surprised,” says Müller. He has may already be observed more often, that the coma patients Wake up after months. However, after so many years, it was quite unique.

Since medical totally unexpected awakening from the coma a year has passed and Munira Abdulla can always Express themselves better. You can tell whether she is in pain, prayers recited, and leads discussions. Especially everything that concerns the family, interested in you.

Appeal of the son : “Give up hope, never!”

Munira Abdulla continues to require intensive medical treatment, which is now continued in Abu Dhabi. The brain consequences of damage caused by the accident almost 30 years ago, will always remain, as well as the physical limitations, – says the chief doctor Müller. “The wheelchair will accompany you for a lifetime. But you can participate again in family life. “

Her son Omar is happy with the way it is now. He says: “All the years you told me she was a hopeless case. But I say to all of you, who are in a similar Situation: Give up hope if your Loved ones are in such a state.“