Sex Pillow: Best Sex Pillows Available in Australia

Want to give your sex life a little support? Well, a sex pillow might just be the ticket. The popular sex props are specifically designed to give you the lift and leverage you need to enhance your sexual pleasure.

“Why can’t I just use a firm pillow off my bed?”

A regular pillow is designed to support your head, not your body, so they tend to be too soft and squishy to give you the pleasurable benefits you’re after (even the memory foam ones).

Here are some of the benefits of using a sex pillow:

1. Better penetration

Using sex wedge pillows to raise your hips will allow for deeper penetration and make run-of-the-mill positions feel completely different. Using a cushion can be the key to helping you hit that g-spot or p-spot organism you’ve been pining for.

2. Comfort and support

Sex cushions can help make things more comfortable, especially for those of us who struggle with muscle or joint issues. These types of pillows can support your body, stop you sinking into the mattress. Plus they can help you give him the best BJ of his life without having to pay for it later with a sore neck and shoulders.

3. More freedom

Unless you’re an Olympic gymnast or a yoga instructor, there are so many positions out of your reach. They are just physically impossible in real life. The right position aid, cushioning and support can open up a whole new, adventurous world of sexual positions you never dreamed of.  

What are the different kinds of sex pillows?

There are a variety of different shaped sex pillows to choose from. Most of them are pretty versatile so you can be creative, but sometimes the shape of the pillow is designed to enhance a specific position.  

Wedge Bed Pillow

These smaller, triangle shaped sex pillows are also called a wedge pillows. This is usually where most people start experimenting a they’re usually at a lower price point. They are super versatile and particularly useful when attempting sexual positions that put strain on hands and knees (i.e. doggy style). Other benefits of using this pillow include:

  • Raising of the butt and hips
  • Raising of the thighs and knees
  • A padded space for resting arms and legs
  • Straddling the position pillow and using it as your own solo sex toy

Ramp & Wedge

Larger ramps support the back completely and offer even more possibilities (especially when they are paired with the wedge). Check out these great ideas from Madame Claude.


There are loads of pillows that you can mount your own vibrator or flesh light into for handsfree enjoyment.  Some of the longer, more cylindrical ones are also great to use for anal experimentation. 

Here are some reviews of the best pillows available for purchase in Australia:

Foam wedge pillows

1. Liberator Jaz 

This is a popular tear shaped, rocking wedge pillow with rounded corners. They’re also one of the best value for money options on the market at around the $70 mark.

The dimensions of this wedge (in inches) are: 14L x 18W x 6H. Visit the Liberator site for instructional videos and more information about positions to try.


  • Small size (discreet, can fit in your suitcase if you are travelling)
  • Moisture resistant liner protects the foam from getting messy and is easy to clean. Micro-suede cover is easy to take off and wash.
  • Lots of colours to choose from.
  • Rounded corners make this more comfortable.  


  • Its small size makes some of the wilder positions a bit tricky
  • Reviews have stated that this is not the greatest choice for plus sized people due to its width.
  • The Microfibre cover attracts dust.
  • The material gets softer after washing but does start to lose thickness and adhesion after a while.
  • After loads of action the zip may slip or stick.

2. Liberator Wedge Heart Pillow

Given this shape you could call this one the lovers cushion. It also doesn’t look out of place when tossed in with other cushions. The heart pillow retails for about $80 and its dimensions are 18″W x 14″L x 7″H. If you’re after some new position ideas while using this cushion there are plenty of examples available on the liberator site.


  • Cute design and compact size
  • Good quality, durable and can stand up to lots of use
  • Best suited for more petite people
  • Discreet, doesn’t look like a sex aid wedge (great if you have kids around)  


  • Pet hair and lint sticks to the cover
  • Sometimes the point of the heart digs in (not comfortable)
  • Too low for hips in doggy position
  • Cost

3. Liberator 24 inch wedge

This is the next step up from the Liberator Jaz and retails for about $95, you will note that this is bigger than the jazz (14″L x 24″W x 7″H). Visit the Liberator site for instructional videos and more information.    


  • Super supportive for all shapes and sizes.  There is also a plus size option which is 30 inches wide (instead of 24)
  • Accessories available including the Black Label Conversion Kit to make your Wedge restraint-compatible
  • Improves penetration and helps with G-spot stimulation
  • Cover available in 5 colours and is machine washable
  • 27-degree angled pedestal for greater penetration


  • Wedge gear bags for storage or travel have to be purchased separately
  • Cost – it’s a better deal to purchase the ramp/wedge combo
  • Larger size makes it less discreet and not as easy to store

4. Liberator Wedge/ramp combo

This is Liberator’s most popular shape and involves combining two expertly crafted shapes. Of course, you pay for what you get and this combo retails at around the $250 price point. The two parts have differing dimensions with the wedge available in one standard size (24″W x 14″L x 7″H) while the ramp is available in three heights (Short – 32″x 24″x 10″, Regular – 34″x 24″x 12″, Tall – 36″x 24″x 14″) making it suitable for any body type. Not sure what the combination of these pillows can mean for your sex life? Well the Liberator website has plenty of new ideas, diagrams and instructional videos to help you work it out.


  • Also comes in Plus-size (extra 6 inches width)
  • Three different height options
  • great quality and will last you a while
  • You can purchase a restraints compatible version for bondage play
  • Loads more possibilities for new positions  
  • The sex ramp offers full back support for extra comfort
  • Wedge and ramp stick together firmly and securely


  • Ramp is pretty large and difficult to store  
  • Higher price point
  • Microfibre cover breaks down and/or fades after too many washes

5. Hipster, Microfibre Sex Pillow By Liberator

If you want a change from wedges and slopes, then this is the sex position pillow for you.  It has a unique wavy design with high and lows which support your body comfortably. Visit Liberator for position ideas and video demos.


  • Removable and washable cover
  • Special Microfibre fabric
  • Portable, durable and easy to store
  • Unique design


  • Not everybody finds this pillow suitable

Inflatable Wedge Pillows

If you are on a tight budget then an inflatable wedge is the way to go. These can be easily deflated and packed away either to take away on a holiday for easy storage. The problem with these – as is the case with anything inflatable – is that it’s a little bouncy and not as stable as the foam options.

1. Toughage inflatable wedge

This has the same dimensions as the Liberator Jaz (14″ x 18″ x 6″) but shouldn’t set you back more than $20. You can control the softness by inflating it to suit your personal preference.


  • Cheap (usually less than $20)
  • Good way to try out a new shape before investing in a more expensive foam pillow 
  • Easy to store and pack in your suitcase
  • Position pamphlet included


  • Hand wash only
  • Air pump is not included, you can either blow this up yourself or using a standard pump.  

2. Inflatable Position Pillow By Adam & Eve

This is one of the most popular sex pillows and has received great reviews online. This efficiently supports your body to reduce strain on head, shoulders and neck, and can handle up to 136 kg of weight. The best part is you can get them for about $30 on Amazon at the moment.


  • Deflates to save space
  • Comfortable, solid pillow
  • Durable (capable of supporting up to 300 pounds) and made from quality materials  
  • Great control with easy grip handles and velvety surface
  • Easy to inflate and deflate via an air sealed valve on the side
  • Great price point


  • The velvety surface can be difficult to keep clean

3. Inflatable Sex Position Master By Fetish Fantasy

Another high-quality cost-effective inflatable wedge option which can be purchased from for $34.95 and could be even cheaper when available on Amazon.  


  • Great control with grip handles and a velvet soft finish
  • Durable plastic body with reinforced seams
  • Sealed air valve makes inflating easy  


  • It can take quite a long time to deflate

4. Toughage Cylindrical Sex Pillow

This is a popular, budget friendly pillow, with a unique design and toy mount.  This type of shape is great for self-play or to enhance anal sex.


  • Cheap and durable.
  • Easy to store and carry (when deflated)
  • Adjustable, ergonomic design
  • Has had the tick of approval from plus sized users


  • This may be uncomfortable for taller couples
  • It might be smelly for some users
  • The pump included is not adequate 

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