Several provinces report no new Corona infections

In several States, no new Corona have become in the past few days-infections within 24 hours. So, the health authority, registered in Hamburg for the first time since the 8. March in a day, no reinfection. Mecklenburg-Vorpommern was discovered on Monday, no reinfection. Saxony-Anhalt reported on Saturday no new Corona case. While I was there because of the week it is unclear whether all counties had submitted data. In the state, only one new infection was added daily ever since. In Schleswig-Holstein on Monday a new Corona case known.


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In order for a Federal government is continuing a positive trend. In all countries, the case numbers for weeks. The decline in new infections together with numerous relaxations in the States.

More than 175,000 infections in Germany

Nationwide the previous day, booth 16 PM: more than 175,000 infections) were registered up to Tuesday afternoon, more than 175.500 infection with the Coronavirus (. At least 8036 with the causative agent of Sars-CoV-2 Infected have died, according to the so far nationally (the day before Stand 16 PM: 7960). The evaluation of the news Agency DPA, which takes into account the latest Figures of the Federal States.

The reproduction number, in short the R-value, was according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) from Monday 0.91 (data 18.5. 0 PM). This means that each Infected infects an average of a little less than another Person. The R-value in each case forms the infection from happening about a week and a half before.

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Since Thursday, the RKI is also a so-called 7-days-R. It refers to a longer period of time and is therefore subject to less current fluctuations. According to the RKI estimates of this value was 0.82. He shows the infection happened in front of 8 to 16 days.

According to the RKI around 155.700 people have survived in Germany, the infection. As for other countries, experts anticipate but also in Germany with a high number of unreported cases of non-scheduled cases.

Particularly high Numbers of registered infections have the statistics of the länder, according to Bavaria, with more than 45,900 proven cases and at least 2331 dead, North Rhine-Westphalia, with more than 36,400 cases and at least 1524 dead, as well as Baden-Württemberg with more than 34,000 confirmed cases and at least 1664 dead. The time when a new days is reported, it varies both from state to state as well as under certain circumstances of day-to-day.

Calculated for 100,000 inhabitants, Bavaria recorded a value from 351.5 most of the infections. On average, there were 211,1. However, the number of performed Tests per 100,000 inhabitants in the Federal States differs.

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