Revolutionary cancer SURGERY: Doctors dying Englishman with OP-world first save

The Briton Ivan Dagg suffered from an aggressive Form of bowel cancer. His Doctors gave him minimal chance of Survival of just six percent. Now the 53 is healed,-Year-old, however, completely cancer free, all thanks to a surgery that Doctors say is a world first and never before performed.

After Ivan Dagg diagnosis "Colorectal cancer in the fourth Stadium" got, gave Doctors the British five months to live. However, the bad news changed Ivan Daggs everyday life suddenly: previously from the Northern English city of Hull-born complained two times the father of permanent exhaustion and radical weight loss, such as the British "Daily Mail" reported.

Because the cancer began to spread, later on, to his liver, appreciated the Doctors, Ivan Dagg I would have a chance of Survival of just six per cent – in this respect, he is a chemotherapy.

"A true Weltneuheit"

In spite of all the operations in which the engineer’s tumours were removed, it was to Ivan Dagg worse and worse – until the 53-Year-old a revolutionary underwent surgery. Doctors at the Spire Leeds Hospital to have removed as part of the new liver surgery for a Tumor that encompassed all of the major blood vessels.

Professor Peter Lodge, by a leading surgeon of the Operation, was aware of the high risks, however, told the Daily Mail: “This is a brand new liver surgery, a true world novelty.” Without the surgery, Ivan Dagg would have gotten only a few months on this earth, but now the Briton is looking forward to his future with his family as Ivan Dagg gege "Daily Mail" explained.