Retraining in Sweden: From the cabin of the aircraft to the hospital bed

The Coronavirus pandemic hits aviation hard. Many Airlines have their aircraft on the ground and workers are laid off or on short-time work send, in order to remain viable. At the same time, the healthcare system has to fight in many countries hard. In many places staff is missing. A solution to the Problem has been found in Sweden.

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Those absent members of the crew of Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) were retrained in the capital, Stockholm, a short hand, as, among other things, the Reuters news Agency, and the Swedish newspaper “Dagens Nyheter” reports. So beurlaubtes cabin staff would attend a course on basic tasks in hospitals. Thus, gaps in the health care of the country should be closed.

The flight attendants and flight attendants had informed Sophiahemmet learned in the Stockholm University hospital, for example, how to disinfect medical equipment, beds and personnel. The training consisted of both theoretical as well as practical elements. At the end there is a test, “Dagens Nyheter”. On Thursday, the first 30 will have completed the free course. Financing is available for everything from a Foundation. According to Reuters, have inquired already airlines from Australia and the United States, according to the training methods.

90 percent of employees at SAS, on leave of absence

“We now have a long, long list of health service providers that are just waiting for you,” said Johanna Adami, Director of the members of the University. Municipalities, hospitals and nursing homes would be interested in the retrained cabin crew. Up to 300 flight attendants and flight attendants to participate in the program. According to Adami, these are particularly well-suited to support in the health sector: “they have a basic medical training for their work. They are also very experienced in, to be flexible in thinking about security and also with complicated situations”, – quotes it Reuters.

In the case of SAS Agency have been granted a leave of absence according to the news currently, around 90 per cent of employees, equivalent to nearly 10,000 employees. According to the Johns Hopkins University in the USA, a minimum of 4435 people in Sweden currently with the Coronavirus infected. At least 180 people have died as a result of Covid-19.

Sources: Reuters News Agency, “Dagens Nyheter”

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