Phone calls to mothers in the promotion of Breastfeeding

Regular phone calls between newly minted and experienced mothers appear to lead to the babies are often breastfed for at least six months. Conversations among like-minded people could be a good way to promote the breast-feeding, think Australian researchers.

75 percent of the mothers who were regularly supported over the phone by experienced mothers gave to their babies at the age of six months, mother’s milk. Among those who received care after Leaving the hospital, the usual health, it was only 69 percent. Through the telephone calls was achieved, an increase of six percent. In this case, the Feedback of the helping mothers was overwhelmingly positive: most of them would report back voluntarily. This shows an Australian study of more than 1200 women took part.

"To be able to talk to someone who has breastfed for at least six months and has been trained to listen and to be empathetic, meant that those who had difficulties, rather durchhielten", Professor Lisa Amir, a breastfeeding expert and Co-author of the study said.

Of more than 1000 mothers who had given birth to her first child, was supported by half of the 230 women with personal experience Breastfeeding through regular calls on the phone. The other half received the usual health care for mothers. The helping mothers had received a short training course and supervised two to ten mothers with their first child. After six months, it was asked how the Baby was fed.