Pharmacist about Corona-fear: it was the worst working day of my life

How has it changed your life in the last few weeks?

The people racing us to the Store. Since last week it is getting worse and worse. I thought the Hype about masks and Sterillium, the people would be rotated through. But this is nothing compared to what was going on since last week with us.

To what extent?

The customers pay are exorbitant gone to the top. On Tuesday I had the worst day of my life. I seriously terminate short thought, because I was just done so and just wanted out. There was no Moment of Pause. You could not go to the bathroom. My colleague has at some point started out from exhaustion of crying. A customer after the next, the phone does not stand still and one should actually give the deliveries. For this purpose it is not comes but even.

So, exactly what even supermarket workers tell.

The people seem to have fear, empty-handed. And now starting on medications with the Hamsters.

Virus outbreak

Pharmacist about Corona: "You deserve to fear the Leute"

This is because appropriate?

Well, since all want to leave, on the recommendation of the Doctors of the pneumococcal vaccination, no longer is the active ingredient in fact, also for us, that can be ordered, also for the foreseeable future. The phone no longer stands still. You put on and it is the same as the next, and asks for it. But also because of painkillers such as Ibuprofen and Paracetamol people call constantly. The tear a the stock formally from the hands to.

“People hamsters downright pain relievers”

What do you mean stock up? Ibuprofen and Paracetamol are otherwise sold secure but is also good.

Yes, that’s true. Together with the nasal spray these are otherwise the best-selling products. But it goes far beyond the Usual. People want to have in case of emergency something in the house and hamsters, the really. You do not want to Paracetamol a box, but seven or eight. Even in the case of families that would be enough for at least a year. You should not make as actually.

In pharmacies, the hamster purchases (the Icon), start now

Is there a maximum amount?

The handles each pharmacy different. Actually, you said two packs of 20 PCs. of Acetaminophen per household. I don’t want to leave actually, so what is left for the other. The WHO has also recommended just, without medical advice Ibuprofen in Corona. Since Paracetamol is even more important.

The demand is so great?

This is all just loose four to five times as much as usual over the counter. We just got the deal of the century.

Attracts you because of the prices?

We are expected to the. But we have not done it so far.

Many people seem to have, like toilet paper or milk, now also in the case of drugs, fear of a shortage. This is because appropriate?

At the Moment, the lunatic is selling fast. The bearings are filled actually sufficient. Many of the Goods come from China. But even there the situation has improved noticeably, the production is recovering. At some point have sufficient, all sufficient.

In addition to the pain medications currently other box-office hit?


Holiday travel, pregnancy, pre-existing condition: The star reader answered questions about the Coronavirus

Many customers also invest in the immune system and to buy high quality vitamin supplements. Since some are also willing to invest quite a lot of money. And then take all the month packs for 60 Euro. The is bought otherwise, but not in these quantities.

Some products sell worse?

Sun cream. Since now is actually the season to start, because people go to the Caribbean or Asia. Therefore, we have to get very much product. But because of the Travel ban, there is virtually no business. Also cosmetics is declined.

From super markets, there are many viral Clips to dispute with customers and staff. You will also notice differences in customer behavior?

The Motto “Together against Corona” is marked, reporting and initiatives, particularly solidarity and remarkable projects in the fight against Corona. The Initiator of the action is the Bertelsmann Content Alliance, which also includes the publishing house Gruner of the year, belongs to, in which the star appears.

Yes, it is slightly rougher. Some of the customers are lying about that you don’t have to be reserved for the vaccine, even though that’s true. We also have actually a rule, that because of the safety distance of only three customers in the Store, because it is otherwise too tight. It worked until yesterday, well, now customers are pushing again and again anyway, and back on the Pelle. I also had to say what, that you don’t need me coughs directly.

You have to understand that the customers come so close?

In principle, Yes. There are also many diseases, such as vaginal fungi, or the like, you don’t want to by the whole Store to speak. But in the present Situation, it is of course unpleasant for us.

What would you want from the customer just away from respect for the distance?

More Card Payments. I have gloves, but I don’t want to have constantly dirty money in the Hand. Rather then contactless.

In view of the in your Job, presumably, higher risk of Infection which is understandable.

I actually have a bit of fear, since the case numbers go up. I try not to think about it. But, of course, makes you look just as Worried as everyone else. You realize that the customers have the same fear.

The Name of the pharmacist is known to the editors.

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