Not every tablet may be broken

A score line in a tablet to indicate inevitably, that a tablet may also be shared. Anyone who is unsure, look in the package insert or ask the pharmacist. Because: If a tablet is divisible, it can even be in the same active ingredient preparations according to the manufacturer different. Who gets, for example, due to a supply shortage, a different preparation than usual, you should watch out for.

Not divisible medicines, such as, for example, prolonged release tablets, which release their active ingredient over a longer period of time, are widely used: In the year 2018, the pharmacies gave 88 million packs of using such dosage forms to the detriment of the Statutory health insurance (GKV). This corresponds to about 14 percent of all Shi-recipe submitted finished product.

If a tablet is intact, be taken, will be divided nevertheless, the consequences of ineffectiveness to serious side-effects. For example, a prolonged-release tablet is to lowering blood pressure lowering blood pressure over several hours to moderate. If, however, such a prolonged-release tablet is broken, the blood pressure in the short term, too strong.

Tablets be split, for various reasons, for example because there is no finished product in the desired dosage. Some are parts, because the Swallow the large tablet is hard. Often the pharmacist knows for these patients, alternative dosage forms, for example, drops. Pharmacist can manufacture a corresponding medical regulation from large tablets easier to swallow. In addition, there are in the pharmacy, Coatings, make it easier to Swallow.


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