New York Governor Cuomo: There are thousands to die

Governor Andrew Cuomo had said the most Important thing in his daily press conference already: 237 new Corona-Dead in New York, in just one day. More than 7200 new Infected in the state. Overloaded Hospitals. The situation is dramatic.

He had already reached the “silver strip” on the horizon: One should make a beautiful day with the family, he recommended the New Yorkers, as he balls Italian food with his daughters at home, Spaghetti with sausage and Meat, the old mother is connected by phone or Skype. A bit of joy in dark days, he said. Family time.

And there came one of the last questions of the journalists: how many dead he expected to? Cuomo’s health expert Dr. sugar, who is responsible for such questions, did not want to set, as always, he makes things Vague.

Overburdened President

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Not so the Governor, known for its clarity: “I don’t know how you can look at the Numbers, without realizing that thousands of people will die,” he said.

Cuoma, a man of clear words

Since it was out in the world: thousands of Dead in New York. More than the terrorist attacks of September 11. September. Already now there are more than 1000 corona dead in the state, almost half of all victims in the United States. Already there are in New York alone, twice as many Deaths as in the whole of Germany.

The sentence had to digest the New Yorker first: thousands Dead in the coming weeks.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo expects thousands of Coronavirus Victims in his state, including New York City

Andrew Cuomo, Governor since 2011, is known for his clear words, for his sometimes brüskes behavior. He says his New Yorkers, the hard truth is, the poor Pay, the “bad news”: The schools are to remain closed. The non-essential workers and employees are to remain at home. The worst is yet to come, in 14 to 21 days.

He says it’s not in a panic, not euphemistically, but in a sober and clear: There is much to you. “But we can do it. New Yorkers are tough.”

Help from China

The situation in New York is coming to a head. The emergency centres are overloaded, some hospitals, especially the US President, Donald trump is often quoted Elmhurst Hospital Center in Queens, the “epicenter of the epicenter” (Trump).

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that the supply of medical equipment-rich, only a week on ventilators even just a few days. At the airport John F. Kennedy a first of the 20 machines from China, which brought millions of face masks, gloves, gowns ended up at the same time, because there is in the country easy enough. Development aid to the class enemy.

And although declared of 76,000 retired Doctors and nurses willing to Volunteer to help out, asks de Blasio for more help, more staff, from the military and other Federal States. New York was on the edge of exhaustion.

On the same day, Anthony Fauci, immunologist of the Coronavirus Task Force and the expert in the Nation was asked, how many dead in the USA you must expect – and he answered as always, be honest: more than 100,000.

Trump extended guidelines for social distance

Thousands Dead in New York. More than 100,000 in the country, possibly up to 200,000. Also, the Americans have had to recover on Sunday first.

As President Trump, it was not difficult to extend the strict guidelines of the “social distancing” by the end of April. For days there was speculation whether Trump would open the country up to Easter, especially, in order to bring the economy back in gear.

Now he suggested a more realistic date for the return to normalcy: 1. June 2020.

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