Mother’s milk online is a risk to buy

Mother’s milk is the best food for infants and provides you with everything you need for a healthy development. But not all women can or want to breastfeed their babies. In the US, a private milk sharing between mothers, therefore takes more and more to – an approach of the children’s doctors advise against.

At the ongoing annual meeting of the American Academy of Pediatrics in New Orleans, two lectures are devoted to the private exchange of mother’s milk, popular in the United States increasing in popularity. In an anonymous Facebook survey, more than half of the mothers reported to have no safety concerns about the privately donated breast milk, and nearly 80 percent requested a medical examination of the donors, because they "you vertrauten".

Experts recommend the use of a private shared mother’s milk, clear ab, because of the risk that pathogens, drugs, alcohol, illegal drugs or other contaminants are located.

Nikita Sood from the Cohen Children’s Medical Center/North well Health in New York said: "Share of milk is becoming more popular and widespread. It is therefore crucial that Physicians are aware of this practice and the associated risks, in order to educate the patients." The patients may not be aware of the potential risks to the unofficial Parts of the milk in the Clear and would this concealment often their Doctors.

Women whose milk is not enough to breast-feed her child in the first few months, can use baby food or in the USA official milk banks use. More than half of the survey participants feared, however, that the cost of milk banks were too high, followed by concerns regarding the quality and the ability to get a prescription for mother’s milk.


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