Mosquito bites: What really helps against the itching

Conclusion with itching: FOCUS Online comparison of time-tested home remedy electronic stitch healers, such as the Bite away and explains what helps mosquito bites really.

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The stitches of the Central European mosquitoes in the majority of cases are mostly a nuisance and only burn easily, but in some cases, mosquito bites can swell severely and one hell of a cause itching. If mosquitoes have been sitting in the run-up to grasses, for example, have been treated with pesticides, it may come to a stitch to swelling and redness of the skin. These can have a diameter of up to 20 centimeters, and intense itching. We will show you how you can prevent the itching.

Against itching: tried-and-true home remedies vs. Bite Away bite away

Against bites of mosquitoes, wasps and bees in nature are never safe. Usually you will notice the mosquitoes first when it is late and a red stain spreading on the skin that begins to swell and to itch. Just don’t scratch, then the first currency. However, this is easier said than done. The itching and Scratching beneficiaries bacterial infection counter this, there are numerous First-aid measures.

In addition to traditional home remedies, such as alcohol, onions or plants, there are also electronic Bite areas by using concentrated heat and without the use of chemicals the itching stop. The great advantage of the throat healer: It fits, in contrast to the onion in any handbag and smells not unpleasant.

Bite Away: Electronic Bite against itching

51 degrees Celsius of the ceramic surface of the bite away (is directly from Amazon), this feels on the skin though, that’s pretty hot, but still tolerable. For children, there is the 3-second mode, in adults, an application lasts for six seconds. The operation is easy, since there are only two buttons for the different duration. Schedule, Press, Wait, Finished. To beeps at the beginning and end of the unit, during the treatment, the green indicator light up.


bite away: With heat against pain and itchy insect bites

The sooner after the sting, the heat treatment is carried out, the better. The function of the bite away is reminiscent of the budget trick, a hot pressing spoon on stitches. With the device, it works better, faster and easier. Traces of fire or burns, there is no electronic stitch healers to happiness. The batteries supplied should be sufficient for up to 300 applications, and then new ones have to – or you can get the same rechargeable batteries.


Spirits against the swelling

Such mosquito bites can be fought with brandy. This soaks the cloth with the highly concentrated liquid and wrapped around the swelling. This evaporation creates cooling. It soothes the skin and removes the heat. Since alcohol has, however, at the same time an extremely drying effect, you should maintain the skin in connection.

With onions, cool

In addition, a strongly swollen mosquitoes can bite with an onion edition relieve. For this, you should place the best is a thick slice or a half a tuber with a cloth directly to the site of injection. The onion juice contained sulfur unfolds its antibacterial and disinfecting effect. Following the treatment with the corm, RUB the skin with a soothing ointment.

Accidents and injuries happen quickly. In our PDF-guide , we show you how to properly respond to the worst to prevent.

These plants help combat the itching

Even if the mosquitoes do not swell, but only unpleasant, itchy, can help a natural remedy: plantain leaves, also a skewer, herb, or lung blattl called. This useful Plant is often found on footpaths or forest trails.

Simply the leaves of the Plant on the affected area and place again with a cloth fix. However, the juice pressed daisies and leaves and a stalk, soothing effect against the itching and not to forget the Gel Inside of an Aloe Vera stem.

Conclusion: Bite Away, bite away, or home remedies?

It is best, of course, if mosquitoes don’t stand a Chance, you have to sting and Oils, insect traps, Sprays, or other means be held. The preventive method is in practice, but usually only within or in the vicinity of the own four walls is feasible. It is situated in the free nature, space to mosquitoes numerous attack – because the best protection is not more often helps.

You get stung then it is good to have close at hand a remedy against the itching of Europe. At home you can use in the first step, without hesitation, the advice from grandma and onions, alcohol, and other anti-bacterial home remedies to relieve the itch, pull. The sustainable method is to use a trick healer, which prevents a short heat pain swelling and thus the itching is no Chance, however.