Many of Tönnies-the staff come from Romania and Bulgaria: So is the Corona location

Many of the Ostwestfalen of Corona infections affected Tönnies slaughterhouse workers come from Bulgaria and Romania. The two Eastern European countries according to absolute Numbers, less by the pandemic than other countries in Europe. However, it is feared that rising case could be overloaded to pay hospitals. This was so far prevented by strict protection measures have since been loosened but.

Corona-infections in slaughterhouses

Clemens Tönnies – the man who sends a County in the Lockdown

Bulgaria mask duty re –

The number of new infections has increased after the first loosening. In Romania, the day has doubled-Plus infections for a few days even in Bulgaria, the number grew mainly in the capital Sofia and in each of the municipalities in the South of the country.

In Romania, clearance and mask mandatory in enclosed public spaces – but the government is under pressure from a strong Opposition, which wants to abolish these measures. In Bulgaria, the Mask requirement was introduced just after the 15. June had been abolished.

In Romania date: Tuesday) 1539 people have died so far (after infection with the Virus Sars-CoV-2. In the country with about 18 million inhabitants, had been infected since the beginning of the pandemic, good 24.500 people. In Bulgaria, the number of Corona-death toll stood at 207. Infected had, according to official data in the country with a population of just seven million people, a total of 3984 patients.

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