Looks at the clock! Millions of German blood-pressure-lowering drug to swallow at the wrong time

Because the blood pressure is early in the Morning is particularly high, rates Doctors on how to take the lowering drugs when Breakfast. For many patients, this is exactly the wrong time to reduce your risk for heart attack and stroke.

Diuretics, ACE inhibitors, or Sartine – the drugs against high blood pressure are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in Germany. Up to 50 percent of the risk for heart attack and stroke decreases, if the blood pressure is lowered permanently to below 140/90. The ideal value is 120/80.

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Doctors advise usually to be ingested in the Morning

In order to reach healthy values, you need to swallow the high-pressure-patients (Hypertensive) usually only one tablet once a day, and most take it in the morning. This also includes the Doctors advise, because the blood pressure in the morning hours is particularly high. This recommendation may be incorrect.

A large study from Spain came to the conclusion that blood pressure pills work better if you go in the evening, preferably before bedtime, to be taken.

Researchers to study leader Ramon Hermida of the University of Vigo assume that it depends on the internal clock of the body together, the acts also on the exploitation of medicinal substances.

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High blood pressure at night is the most dangerous

A significant reduction in blood pressure at night is important, as previous studies had shown that High night-time values is a major heart risk, even if blood pressure is during the day, in the normal range.

For the study, half of the 19,000 participants took their blood pressure-lowering drug in the morning, the other before going to bed. The women and men had their blood pressure measured regularly, and a book about it. The researchers tracked the health development of the patients an average of six years, as you write in the “European Heart Journal”.

Patients your medication before bedtime revenue, had both at night and during the day a significantly lower blood pressure than patients on their medication each Morning revenue. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Blood pressure-lowering in the evening to halve the risk of heart attack and stroke

During the night, the blood pressure falls down, of course, and the evening medication intensified the effect, apparently, so much so that it stops over the critical hours of the morning and the day.

As a long-term effect the risk for cardiovascular diseases in the “night-patients was cut in half” compared to the hypertensive, the your medication in the morning revenue.

Study leader Hermida sees the change from morning to evening taking the blood pressure-lowering, an easy way to save lives: “And it is completely free of charge.”

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Long-term measurement helps right taking time to find

Patients should discuss it with your doctor before you change the dosing schedule. At best, the individual’s blood pressure situation on a long-term blood pressure measurement would establish. Appropriate cuffs, and recording devices of the family doctor or cardiologist to submit to the patients. 24 hours every 30 minutes to measure the current blood pressure.

Further studies should find out whether the importance of taking time varies depending on the drug group. And from the looks of it in people with irregular day-night rhythm (shift workers). These aspects had not taken into account the Spanish study.

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