Longer and more intense: These Exercises can enhance the orgasm

How can the culmination of learning, or even more intense experience? What techniques and Exercises can help – but the most important prerequisite for a strong orgasm is something else.

  • The ejaculation brings back multiple times to keep the multiple orgasms for the man.
  • The prostate is one of the erogenous zones of the man.
  • A strong pelvic floor allows for a particularly pleasurable climax.

Between orgasm and orgasm, there are large differences. Some even say he is a bit different each Time. It is established that the peak can be long or short, strong or more gentle. And 90 percent of the women in front play your Partner the orgasm, according to a study at the Charité. Other women even have multiple orgasms, so multiple in a row.

Multiple orgasms on the Jen-Mo point

Men can also experience the fireworks, “for instance, if you have a dry orgasm by holding the ejaculation back”, Lüchem says the sex therapist, Diana.

But how the Back works, in spite of the climax? This can be accomplished with some Practice on the so-called Jen-Mo point. This is a dimple between the scrotum and Anus. Shortly before the peak of the man or the woman has to press this point gently. As a result, the ejaculate flows back into the prostate. Is repeated several times, the result is last while Ejaculating multiple orgasms.

The Jen-Mo point is an old tantric Sex technique from India press. In front of almost 2000 years of trained men to orgasm without ejaculation, because they feared to lose with the ejaculate to a lot of life energy. At the same time this sexual practice increased the ability to reach an orgasm is enormous.

Orgasm Exercises for the man

G-spot Stimulation: The highly erogenous prostate, the G spot in the Anus stimulate. He is about five inches behind the Anus-the entrance to the intestine: Carefully, and with some lubricant to the Finger insertion, and this sensitive area gently massage. “A lot of men love touches the Anus,” says Lüchem. There are numerous nerves and, accordingly, cause for the Stimulation can be. However, there is a need for a bit of Practice to find the G-spot and teasing him to fit.

Swing-squat: The man in the deep squat, the heels remain on the floor and the elbows are between the knees positioned. In this posture, with the body slightly rocking back and forth. This relaxes the pelvic floor and blood flow increases in this area, an important prerequisite for arousal and powerful orgasm.

Orgasm Exercises for women

Pelvic rocking: The woman stands legs apart, feet at about shoulder width. The knees are relaxed and slightly bent. Now take a deep breath and a hollow cross, and on the Exhale a cat hump make. In this case, the pelvis is moved the locker to the front and rear. This improves the blood circulation in the pelvic area and thus the sensitivity and the climax.

Tantric breast massage: The woman massaged her Breasts every night in a circle nine times in one direction, then in the other. The sensitivity of the Breasts, which, in turn, plays a role for a stronger climax increased.

Orgasm Exercises for a man and a woman

Bowling: Here it’s not about the sports with balls and cones. The orgasm of the important Kegel exercises named after their developer, Arnold Kegel , an American gynecologist. They strengthen the so-called “PC muscle” (Pubococcygeus Muscle, pubis-coccyx muscle). The muscle group between pubic and coccyx, enclosing the sex organs. The better these muscles are trained, the stronger the orgasm can be. And so the Exercises go:

  • Tighten the pelvic floor as you would to stop Urinating the beam again and again.
  • To tighten the sphincter, as you would the stool interrupt.

Each of the Exercises you should perform regularly, and in each case 40 times.

Game with feathers: Pet each other or even with a spring. You touch everywhere, from the head to the feet. “Excitation takes place with all the senses,” says Lüchem. Anyone who focuses on Sex only to a point – such as a clitoris or a Penis, the excitation is noise-prone and not as strong. The entire body is stimulated, it increases the arousal and orgasm.

Double swing: lie in a comfortable position and move the pelvis and shoulder girdle rhythmically – as if they are laughing or sobbing. The Exercise loosens up, relaxes and stretches, as in good Sex. And thus increases the willingness for a strong orgasm.

Self-satisfaction: you will Learn your body to know, feel, how he reacts, how arousal feels like, increases and decreases. Massage with body oil the genitals. “Women tend to do this only on the outside, extend the Massage, pressing and rubbing them,” recommends sex therapist. You can also the abdomen, thighs, chest and arms, they relate to the entire body.

Egoist are: Bad conditions for good Sex and orgasm are constant thoughts of: “How do I look at him/her? He will see that I am fat? I look to you/him really aroused?“ Anyone who is sexually insecure, is focused on the Partner. “Forget you Sex Performance and you think to yourself,” advises Lüchem. Only real excitement comes on and a strong orgasm will be possible.

Orgasm does not mean OrgasMUSS

With the right mental readiness and physical Exercises, the orgasm is so ability to a certain extent train. The most important factor, however, is: “don’t Fixate on the orgasm, he is overrated,” says the sex therapist. She compares having Sex with a journey. Who wants to be as fast as possible to your destination (the orgasm), can’t enjoy the journey. It is more fun to enjoy without the pressure to travel, to make here and there, stop and let yourself be surprised where it ends ultimately. And, paradoxically, allow this looseness and a variety of enjoyment is often a particularly intense orgasm.