Lack of sleep makes pain sensitive

Californian scientists have studied what happens in case of sleep deprivation in the body: Not only the pain signals are perceived in the brain increases, but it is also distributed to less dopamine, which relieves pain.

Two of the three patients with persistent pain can bad sleep. At the same time amplified sleep deprivation, the sensation of pain: A vicious circle of chronic and addiction to painkillers can lead.

Scientists from the USA have now demonstrated that pain signals in people under sleep deprivation increased. At the same time, less dopamine is released, a neurotransmitter that can relieve pain. "Sleep disorders not only amplify the pain-sensing regions in the brain, but they also block the centers of the pain off können", Matthew Walker, a Professor of neuroscience and psychology at the University of California, Berkeley said.

In the case of 24 students, the researchers, using brain scans, and what happens when you let the unpleasant effects of Heat on the legs endure. They had slept little, felt pain at a lower heat, and changes in the brain showed activity as a response to the painful stimuli. The scientists had found in an online survey, correlations between night sleep duration and the day felt pain. Therefore, small Changes in the bedroom had a self-Wake-rhythm to the sensation of pain.

"The optimistic conclusion is that sleep is a natural remedy that can help to alleviate pain. If poor sleep amplifies our sensitivity to pain, as this study shows, however, that the sleep is much closer to the center of the patient care werden", so Walker.