Instead of blister-OP: a 70-Year-old will be circumcised in the hospital accidentally

Terry B. from Leicester, came up with a very pragmatic Problem to the Leicester Royal hospital: The 70-Year-old was suffering from the onset of incontinence, and wanted to undergo a treatment for his bladder with Botox is partially paralyzed. This procedure can resolve the incontinence. But when the British came after the small surgery in the recovery room of the clinic again, and had a nurse to give him bad news.

The employees had mixed up the medical records

“You said that you could not bring me yet back to my room, because the doctor needs to speak with me,” recalls Terry B. in an interview with the “Guardian”. What had happened? The nursing staff had placed the files in a mess, which is why the 70-Year-old got a completely different treatment than is actually planned. “I had come for a Botox injection, instead, they have clipped me,” the 70-Year-old. What you think is actually impossible, had happened in this case.

B. was surprised and “extremely,” he said. “No one knew what to tell me.” The incident, the hospital is still uncomfortable. “We are sorry from the heart, really, that this error happened, and we would like to ask on this occasion, again, Mr B. sorry,” says Andrew Furlong, medical Director of the Leicester Royal hospital. “We take incidents like this extremely seriously and have called for a thorough investigation to ensure that we learn from this mistake and prevent that something like this can happen again.”

The clinic want to learn from the fatal errors

Furlong is aware of the fact that neither apologies nor compensation can give Terry the back what he has lost by the fault of the hospital. Nevertheless, the 70-Year-old receives from the hospital a compensation of 20,000 pounds. “Money can’t undo what happened, but we hope that this payment is at least some consolation,” said Andrew Furlong.

Source: The Guardian

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