In the case of Obesity, rheumatic-drugs are bad

Some rheumatic drugs are worse when patients are severely obese. This is especially true for women, as a recent study of the German rheumatism research center (BOND) in Berlin.

"In obese patients, it succeeds more often only to a limited extent, the symptoms lindern", Dr. Martin Schäfer from the BOND in Berlin, explains. The same applies for some of the biologics, which block the action of inflammation-promoting substances. For them, it has been demonstrated that the in 28 joints, as measured by pain and swelling as well as Inflammation levels in the blood improved is less if the patients were severely obese. Especially obese women with rheumatoid reacted poorly to this type of treatment.

Responsible for both inflammation-promoting substances called Interleukin-6 and tumor necrosis factor from fat cells, affect the obese rheumatic patients, the effectiveness of some therapies are probably. In the case of drugs with a different mechanism of action, the observed relation was less pronounced. Nevertheless, the study’s leader, Dr. Anja strangfeld comes to the conclusion: "Every pound less on the scale, has a favorable effect on the disease and the success of the treatment aus". Especially on the abdominal fat it. The results show once again how important it is that the rheumatism therapy is tailored to the patient.