HPV infection may trigger prostate cancer

To the group of human papilloma viruses (HPV) are viruses that cause cervical cancer. According to a recent study, HPV could play infection but also as a cause for prostate cancer.

From the examination of a total of 26 studies on HPV and found associated with prostate cancer, the high-risk HPV types 16 and 18, the majority of cervical cancers, cause, have also been found in prostate tissues. This researchers from the Australian University of New South Wales report in the Online journal "Infectious Agents and Cancer".

Recent studies showed that 231 of 1071 prostate cancer (21.6%) HPV-positive, but only 74 of 1103 benign prostate controls (6.7%) – the viruses were found in prostate cancer, therefore, about three times as often. In samples of benign prostate tissues, in which the high-risk types were found, developed up to ten years later, also more common a prostate cancer of the same HPV type.

HPV vaccination is also für Mämen useful

Study leader James Lawson said: "Although the HP-Virus is the only pathogen one of the many disease that have been identified in prostate cancer, it is the only infectious agents against which we can vaccinate." The authors consider, therefore, vaccination against HPV infection for men is useful. The authors found that in countries where the death rate from cervical cancer is high, many people died of prostate cancer. Conversely, in countries in which the mortality was due to cervical cancer is low, the by prostate cancer is also low.

Lawson explained: "Because HPV is most commonly transmitted by Sex, the data indicate that HPV infections are a cause of both prostate cancer as well as cervical cancer."