How women and men infidelity forgiven

Infidelity is one of the most common reasons why couples separate. Researchers have found in 160 different cultures that this is so. Men and women view infidelity differently, as now a new study has shown.

Men keep according to the study, physical infidelity, so if the partner has Sex with another Person that is more serious than women. Women feel opposed to emotional infidelity, your Partner receives a close relationship to another woman and fallen in love with, as threatening.

Forgiveness is not a matter of sex

Although men and women infidelity is different, they are about equally willing to forgive your Partner. And this willingness seems to be not with the type of infidelity to hang out together. "We were surprised that the differences between the sexes were greater. The mechanisms underlying the Forgiving, the sexes more or less identisch", Professor Leif Edward Ottesen Kennair from the Institute of psychology of the Norwegian University of science and technology said, one of the authors of the article in the "Journal of Relationships Research" heard.

Rather, the perceived threat of the other woman and the other man for the relationship was the most important. The majority of respondents, regardless of gender and type of infidelity, thought it unlikely that they will forgive the infidelity of your partner. "If the Couple separates, or not, depends in the first instance, as it is threatening the relationship, as infidelity empfinden", Trond Viggo Grøntvedt, a post-doctoral researcher said at the Institute of psychology. Whether the Partner is believed to be a continuation of their relationship, depended also on how far you were from your Partner distance.

For the study, researchers asked 92 couples, two scenarios are present: One in which the Partner has Sex with another Person, fall in love, but. In the other scenario, you should think of, the partners had fallen in love with another Person, but not had Sex.