How harmful is cell phone radiation?

The beginning of the end of construction of the 5G networks also arouses Fears. Can damage the radiation can hardly escape, the health? In response, the Foundation has Warentest reviewed all of the available studies on mobile communications and health, and a panel of experts discussed – including the recent studies with experimental animals.

The conclusion: According to the current state of research, reason for concern exists hardly. It is also the 5G-Expansion will not change anything, the new “test”issue.

In the case of large animal studies, researchers exposed several Thousand rats and mice for two years at the whole body to cell phone radiation, every day, around nine hours long. A connection with cancer, was revealed exclusively in the male rats, and they lived in the study longer than non-irradiated animals. In addition, the increased cancer rates were often so low that it was not clear whether they were actually due to the radiation.

“We allowed the studies by independent toxicologists review,” writes the Stiftung Warentest. Thus, a practically relevant risk to health of people, the results can not be derived.

Everyday tips: mobile phone away from the ear, receiving watch

Who would like to prevent, you can still do a lot of things. In particular, for the protection of children are measures of the Federal office for radiation protection (BfS) that is important, because only comparatively few studies on possible health effects becomes available. Rates of these measures, the product tester:

Reception, keep in mind: mobile phones adjust their transmit power to the conditions of the place. The weaker the cellular network is, the stronger the devices to spark. Those who want to protect themselves, to avoid so phone calls due to poor reception, such as it occurs in the train, in cars without an external antenna, or defective-served areas.

Phone away from the ear: The intensity of electromagnetic fields decreases with distance quickly. Already a few inches make, according to the experts a huge difference. Therefore, the Call is recommended with a Headset. A further Alternative to the Smartphone at the head of the is talking free.

SAR value before buying a mobile phone, check: SAR stands for Specific absorption rate and refers to the amount of energy released by the sending cell phone by the adjacent body tissue can be recorded. The valid maximum SAR value of two watts per kilogram. For every cell phone model is the manufacturer to determine the SAR value with a standardized Test. A list with the test values, the BfS published continuously on the net.

However, the testers say that the SAR value is determined at maximum transmit power – a power that mobile phones have reached, in practice, hardly ever. Therefore, the SAR from the forecast value to the actual radiation exposure in everyday life little.