High mortality rate for ventilator patients is Doctors puzzles

To many Corona-patients, but too few ventilators: This fear in order to drive hospital leaders and governments in the past few weeks. To prepare for a possible wave of Covid-19 patients, increased many hospitals, the number of intensive care beds and ventilators. For particularly serious cases would be dependent on a mechanical ventilator, the consensus among Doctors is yet.

Sufficient devices are available to some companies – including E-car pioneer Tesla and vacuum cleaner giant Dyson-even their production in the Corona of a crisis. In this country, the capacity has been increased within a few weeks of 20,000 to 30,000 beds with a ventilator.

But now, some international studies are questioning the Use of ventilation devices for the treatment of Covid-19-patients. Some Doctors even go so far as to use the devices, as long as you can avoid it.

High Death toll in Corona patients

Mechanical ventilator pumps oxygen to patients whose lungs are failing. In the application of the devices, the Patient is sedated first, then he inserted a tube into the throat. Deaths in such patients are often, for whatever reason, you need the help Breathing, writes the news Agency “Associated Press” (AP). In General, the die 40 to 50 percent of the patients with severe difficulty in breathing while you are connected to ventilators, according to the experts.

In the case of the Coronavirus, patients were connected in New York City in such devices, is the Rate, however, at 80 percent, and more, so the official figures. This observation is not a New York phenomenon. In other Parts of the United States were reported higher than normal mortality rates, said Albert Rizzo, the lead physician of the American Lung Association, to “AP”.

Similar orders of magnitude were also reported from China and the United Kingdom. A British report puts the number of deaths in connection with ventilators to 66 percent. A relatively small study from Wuhan – the Chinese city in which the Virus and the disease Covid-19 occurred for the first time – that even 86 per cent, had died. The case number was, however, only 22 patients, to the extent that the explanatory power is low.

The last few minutes

"No one is in Corona ersticken", the doctor says. But how do you die from the Virus?

Damage to the devices, in individual cases, even?

About the background, the scientists can only speculate so far only. Possibly, it depends greatly on the condition of the patient before he was infected with the Coronavirus. May be also critical, how sick the patients were when they were connected to the machine, already.

More and more Doctors, however, a fundamental question: What if the machines that are supposed to help some patients even damage? This is so far pure speculation, but it is of critical voices, especially from the USA – now the epicenter of the Corona of a pandemic are increasing.

You do not know that mechanical ventilation is positive, says Dr. Eddy Fan, an expert in respiratory treatment at the Toronto General Hospital, in an interview with the “Associated” Press. “One of the most important findings of the last decades is that the medical ventilation can aggravate lung injury, so we have to be careful how we use it”. You can mitigate potential damage, however, by limiting the amount of Printing and the size of the machine delivered breaths, as a Fan.

Alternatives for artificial respiration

Some Doctors will also try to use the ventilation machine delay, see it more as a last resort in the fight against the Virus. So far, Covid-19-patients were connected with a heavy history in the United States by default on such devices. Now are increasingly being tried out Alternatives: One is to let the patient in various positions – on the abdomen – lie to aerate parts of the lungs better. Others try to give to the patients through nasal tubes or other devices, more oxygen, or to improve by the addition of nitric oxide to the blood flow of the least-damaged parts of the lung.

Thus it is hoped also to reduce the duration, connected to a Patient breathing machine. The Covid-19-patients already unusually high: It was customary that the Coronavirus patient’s “seven days, ten days, 15 days were on a ventilator, and they die,” said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, when he was asked at a press conference on Wednesday to the death rates of ventilation devices. For comparison, in patients with bacterial pneumonia usually stay no longer than a day or two on ventilator.

“It is a supportive measure”

“The ventilator is not therapeutic. It is a supportive measure, while we wait for the patient’s body recovers,” said Dr. Roger Alvarez, a lung specialist at the University of Miami Health System in Florida. He sits in the treatment of Covid-19 patients also on the addition of nitric oxide to patients hold out as long as possible from the ventilator remote.

But, as always in medicine, it depends on the individual case. As Zachary Shemtobs man was connected to last month on a ventilator, he had been “absolutely” scared. To be “ventilation needy, it could mean that he can leave the ventilator, never again,” he said.

However, six days later, his man was able to breathe independently again. Man is the living proof that these machines can save lives.

Source: the Associated Press, a study from Wuhan, study in UK, law.com

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