Free showers: indoor pool opens its doors for the homeless

It is repeatedly pointed out: Regular washing of hands and also a generally good Hygiene are important in order to protect themselves and others from infection with the Coronavirus. But what of those that already have limited access to sanitary facilities do? Can’t stay these days at home – because they have no home?

The Hamburg-based swimming pool operators, the bathroom offers the homeless in the indoor swimming pool of St. Pauli is a possibility of showers. The bathroom is closed, like all the other pools in the Hanseatic city also, actually, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. People without a permanent residence can, however, use it on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays in the period from 10 until 14 o’clock free of charge, the showers of the swimming pool next to the millerntor stadium.

Cooperation between authority, operators and auxiliary organization

Hans-Ulrich Jörges

Many years ago, experts analyzed the consequences of a pandemic. It was followed by –

The action is made possible by a cooperation of the Hamburg social authority, baths the country and the Non-Profit Organisatino GoBanyo. The latter operates in Hamburg under the Motto “Wash is” a Duschbus for the homeless. “Hamburg holds together. Thanks to the cooperation with the bathroom and the Dedicated of the shower bus, we were able to organize a quick, uncomplicated help”, is Hamburg’s cited social Senator Melanie Leonhard said in a press release. Baths, country managing Director Dirk Schumaier added: “We hope that we can alleviate with this contribution, the Worries and troubles of some of this crisis situation, particularly affected people in Hamburg”.

The Duschbus in corona times still available

Also GoBanyo-chief Christian Poelmann was pleased: “We are delighted to be able to thanks to this collaboration, 50 showers per week for people to offer, which are currently affected by homelessness,” he is quoted. The action was the beginning on the way to a widest possible access to sanitary facilities, he says.

On two of the days when the bathroom is not to the showers opened, namely, Thursday and Sunday, is, by the way, according to GoBanyo website continues to be the Duschbus available.

A study commissioned by the social authorities, according to live in Hamburg for at least 1910 homeless. The actual number, it is said in the same survey, is likely to be higher.

Sources: the bathroom (Facebook), the Hamburg social authority, GoBanyo, study of homeless people in Hamburg

If you know of any other examples of solidarity in times of Coronavirus-crisis, send us an E-Mail with a short description of the project, its location and contact person to [email protected]

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