Forest and meadows to protect the Psyche

Children who grow up in a green surroundings, later on up to 55 percent lower risk for various mental disorders. The results should allow urban planners sit up and take notice, claim scientists from the University of Aarhus in Denmark.

Who is surrounded in his Childhood by Greenery, has a by up to 55 percent lower risk of developing cancer later on in life to a mental disorder. This is true even with the inclusion of known risk factors such as socio-economic Status and a family history of mental disorders. "Our data show that the risk of developing a mental disorder, decreases the stronger, the longer you are from birth up to the age of ten years, surrounded by green areas. Green areas during the entire Childhood extremely wichtig&quot are, therefore,;, study leader Dr. Kristine explains Engemann.

On the basis of satellite data of the years 1985 to 2013, researchers at the University of Aarhus green areas have been mapped in the vicinity of children for almost a Million Danes, and these data with the risk compared to develop at a later time in the life of one of 16 psychological disorders.

It is known that, for example, noise, air pollution, infections and poor socio-enhance-economic conditions, the risk of a mental disorder. Conversely, some studies have shown that more green spaces in the area of social cohesion, to improve the physical activity of the people increase, and a positive effect on the cognitive development of children, impact. All of these are factors that influence the mental health of people.