Foot and nail fungal properly treat

Also, if the weather be forecast for the first weekend in may through to grow: In the coming weeks it will be warmer again. This also means: get Out of the warm socks in your sandals. Discoloration or other changes in the nails or feet to fall during the inspection of the feet, you probably have a fungal infection. What to do now, says the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony.

Nail fungus is a discoloration of the nails, often at the edge of the nail, and to a structural change of the nail material in the nail more porous. He often goes together with athlete’s foot. Little movement, a General poor circulation, the combination of Obesity, Diabetes, dyslipidemia and hypertension, as well as a weakened immune system can encourage the fungus.

Infected nails can be treated locally with paints from the pharmacy that contain antifungal agents such as bifonazole, Ciclopirox or Amorolfine,. These are applied over a longer period of time daily or up to twice a week. The mechanical nail treatment of the affected nail material belongs in each case, in the hands of professionals. To be concerned, consult to your family doctor.

Fußmushroom has many symptoms

A athlete’s foot is infection, mostly the toes, Fußrand or the foot side is affected. In the case of athlete’s foot between the three main forms are distinguished:

  • Inter-digital Form: The athlete’s foot is shown by itching, clouded, under Shed crusting, healing sores, especially in the arch of the foot. The skin is dry and scaly, or softened, and grey-whitish swollen. Between the Toes it comes to erosions and skin tears.
  • Squamös-hyperkeratotic Form: The Affected person complains of dry scaly, white or slightly reddened, mostly non-rimmed spots on the sole of the foot in the Form of a moccasin.
  • Vesikulös-dyshidrotische Form: The fungus also occurs in the Form of bubbles to the Fußrändern, toes and heels well-demarcated, stove-shaped scaly skin and sometimes with skin cracks on. The bubbles burst because of the thick horn on the skin, but a cure. Also minimal redness between the Toes, and calluses with fine flaking on the heels and Fußkanten can be caused by a fungus. This Pilztyp often occurs in the company of nail fungus.

First aid for Fußfungal from the pharmacy

As a first measure against athlete’s foot creams are appropriate with agents such as bifonazole, clotrimazole, ketokonazole, Nystatin or terbinafine. These are applied to the part several times a day or over several days or weeks. In the treatment of getting all the spaces between the Toes should be on both feet treated. Some of these preparations are than four weeks to be applied, some only a few days or just a day. The application should be retained on the recognizable is Healed also. During the treatment, the own towels and socks &ndash should; here, cotton &ndash is recommended; after a single use with a minimum of 60° be washed. The shoes with a disinfectant spray spraying and for at least a day to dry. Carpets, bathmats, floor documents clean especially in the bathroom thoroughly.

Watch out for Diabetes

Patients with Diabetes need to give your feet very well Eight: In the case of the metabolic disorder the blood microcirculation is disturbed in the feet. The pain is restricted and diabetics are therefore at risk to overlook injuries to the feet. You should scan regularly, the feet, small wounds, because these are the ideal points of attack for fungal spores. Also in gout, Obesity, and artificial joints, the feet should be carefully maintained.

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