Experts see through Corona single Chance against sexually transmitted diseases

Almost every country in the world has banned its citizens in the past few weeks to meet with (many) others – or at least it is strongly discouraged. Party and night life, the Bustle of Bars, Restaurants and clubs came to many Parts of the globe to a Standstill and in many countries are still broke. As a logical consequence, the people have had in the past few weeks, less Sex with changing partners, simply because many considered some of the other on top of that, Strange remote. Sex researchers see this as a unique opportunity, against venereal diseases act.

“If we could right now, every test, and treat of such infections, then that would be a turning point,” says Dr. John McSorley, President of the British Association for Sexual Health and HIV the BBC. Like other experts in his field, he calls all people to investigate on sexually transmitted diseases, even if you show no symptoms.


Nothing to remember or respiration – why are the gradients in the Covid-19 so different?

“We should be able to test anyone during this interruption, it would be a Chance, how do you get them only once in a lifetime,” agreed Justin Harbottle of Sexual Health 24. His Organisation offers in the UK free home test kits for sexually transmitted diseases. Was “not once, at the beginning of the HIV epidemic, there is a section in which people such as a community have stopped sleeping with new partners,” says Harbottle.

Demand for Anti-HIV drug decreased

That citizens were in the past few weeks, less promiscuous, are evidence of the experts, with some observations. The prescriptions for PEP were in British hospitals declined dramatically. This is a means that you can take, if it is believed to be with the HI-virus come into contact to prevent contagion as much as possible. Before Corona around 50 people per week, this drug is wanted, therefore, in a London clinic. Currently there are less than ten.

Particularly in the area of HIV, the experts hope to currently have improvement, because Neuinfizierte would have the highest probability to infect others, because the viruses were then in a very high concentration in the body. Due to the Lockdown, it was unlikely that a Neuinfizierter expose many more to the Virus. But also diseases such as chlamydia or syphilis want to give the experts an effective hit, while you may be on the ground.

The experts, however, also again have to worry about the time after the Lockdown. It is understandable that people are now living soon, normal and happy sex again wanted to have. This is all well and good: “When you for months were cooped up, if it ends then, then you want to go out, you join the crowd and paint the town.” But before you could do that again in a relaxed way, both experts agree, you should leave urgently for sexually transmitted diseases testing. Tests for this, you can also send home.

Source: BBC / Sexual Health 24

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