Expensive pills: In Germany, patients pay the second highest prices in the world for drugs

In a global comparison, German patients pay a lot of money for their drugs. As an analysis of the UK health tech company Medbelle shows, must here be particularly dug deep in the bag for drugs. For the investigations of drugs are analysed prices in 50 countries for 13 widely used drugs.

In comparison with the German figures of around 123 per cent above the average price in the world for the tested drug. Particularly high, the difference in the psychotropic drugs, Xanax is used for panic attacks. Here, the price is 187 per cent above the average. In the case of the Asthma drug Ventolin there are even 237 percent. Liptor is used to Reduce cholesterol levels, price of in Germany costs even 257 percent above the average. In the case of Viagra, the Germans are also paying more: The price for the potency pill is 82 percent above the international average.

Particularly interesting: The price increase in Germany for brand-name medicines is around 421 percent to the international average. In the case of generics, i.e. generic products, this score is even higher than 855 per cent.

Abuse of market power

The outrageous prices for the pill manufacturer

Your drugs against Hepatitis C are considered to be a medical Sensation. And now you can cash in. Like a couple of American pharmaceuticals-Manager of the health systems of the world plunder.

High Drug Prices

With this rich prize, plus Germany, according to the study, but still on square 1. In the USA the prices are much higher. For Liptor incredible 2176 percent of the international average price will be due. In the case of Prozac, an antidepressant, just about 2125 per cent. And in the case of Zestril, a drug arterial hypertension, is the Plus at 2682 percent.

Drug for menstrual problems

Pharmaceutical scandal: The long struggle of the Duogynon-victims of justice

Still, the Victims of the Duogynon scandal to fight in Germany to justice. The authorities seem to care little.

The authors of the study in this analysis, however, an important point under the table: The different purchasing power in different countries. Thus, the income in Germany is also significantly higher than in countries such as Kenya, India or Thailand, where drugs are accordingly cheaper. However, the study shows that there are also in Western countries with cheap medicines. The price for Prozac in the Netherlands, 91 percent below the average, Zestril cost around 63 percent less than the average, and in the case of Liptor, the Minus is at nearly 57 percent.

With your investigation results the company wants to launch a debate on how cost effectiveness and access to essential medicines in the countries differ.

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