Ex-GNTM-candidate speaks openly about the disease and is aimed to appeal to all women

It is one of the most common diseases in women between 15 and 45 years, and yet it is for most people, a foreign word: endometriosis. Ex-Germanys-Next-Topmodel candidate Anna Wilken is concerned and uses her reach to make on the Suffering attention.

Endometriosis is one of the most common diseases of the abdomen in women. The symptoms can vary the main symptom are, however, strong abdominal pain during the period. In an Interview with “Neon” said Anna Wilken, the it 2014 at "Germany's Next Topmodel" among the Top 10 managed well about their disease, as this will accompany you in everyday life what she advises the women and what she desires for the future.

On social media, the Influencerin makes more on the disease. “Endo-Sisters,” she calls other people on their Instagram Account. Anna Wilken even published a book on this topic. This bears the title: “In General, I am strong. Endometriosis is not for sissies. Why do we have to our abdominal pain take it seriously.“

Symptoms of a diagnosis are individual, therefore, very difficult to

Endometriosis have many facets. “If my girlfriend asks, what is endometriosis, then I always say: endometriosis is a chronic but benign condition, which occurs in the Form of herds, cysts, and adhesions,” explains Anna Wilken, the disease in the Interview. “This endometrium are similar type fabric but it is not the same as endometrium.”

Affected suffer from, for example,

  • strong menstrual pain
  • Lower abdominal pain
  • Pain during sexual intercourse
  • Pain during urination or defecation
  • recurring bleeding disorders

Symptoms from patient to patient on an individual basis. “This is what makes diagnosis so difficult,” says Wilken. In addition, only a few are with endometriosis familiar – this also applies to the German Doctors. Anna Wilken recalled in an interview with “Neon”: “I had long suspected – and my diagnosis took six years, because even my mother, I was 16, my puberty or possible mental health problems has pushed. And Doctors say fast times: This is normal. Period pains are normal.“

“To stand not so” reactions to the environment

Their environment gave her for years, not a hearing. This is yet another reason why women rarely speak about endometriosis, suspected the Influencerin. “You know never how the environment deals with it, that one has to constantly complaints – or even the employer.”

The disease was doing to Anna Wilken also noticeable in everyday life. While she was earlier as a Model Casting to Casting, rushed from the catwalk to catwalk and from Job to Job, down unlock you today a Gang. Both physically and mentally you have to be able to the Stress is no longer a part of it.

Even during her time at “Germanys Next Topmodel” which is already plagued by severe abdominal and pelvic pain. A diagnosis they had at the time. “The complaints I had, nevertheless, always,” said the young model. “Even Heidi has once said: With Anna what is.”

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Women, listen to your own body sensation

Anna Wilken speaks openly about their disease. Many women write their messages to this topic, she says, to “Neon”. This, she advises to listen to your own body feeling to take your symptoms seriously and see a doctor. A specialist can feel hardening, a secure diagnosis is a laparoscopy.

“This is a surgery under General anesthesia”, clarifies the Influencerin. Your wish for the future: “It would be nice if more would be invested in the research to endometriosis and there will soon be more ways to diagnose the disease more quickly.”

What you want also: more awareness for the topic. In this respect, Anna Wilken is already a role model.