Dove, tingling hands? A simple Test reveals whether you quickly SURGERY need

When the Hand is “falling asleep”, goes away the unpleasant feeling after a couple of minutes. Around ten percent of adults suffer from, however, the result of hereditary factors especially common on pigeons, hands and fingers. Only a surgical procedure, usually helps.

If we lie to our Hand, and a nerve pinching can create a numbness. Fibers in the skin send warning signals to our brain that we perceive as the typical tingling. That limb known colloquially as “falling asleep”, is quite normal.

Around ten percent of all adults have, however, the most frequently dove, tingling hands and fingers. Your carpal tunnel in the wrist is from birth to narrow, and narrows the median nerve – you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

A numb feeling in Affected most when on the Phone, car driving, Biking, at work, in the evening when going to Sleep or in the morning when you Wake up. In the worst case, remain the fingers, a long time numb, swelling, and pain.

Carpal tunnel syndrome recognize

Anti-inflammatory drugs, a Splint on the wrist or a laser therapy in studies have no long-term success. Those who have long-term discomfort, you should think about surgery. You can seek advice on time and you don’t have to wait long. This increases the Chance that the trapped regenerated nerve after the surgery. . FOCUS Online dove, tingling hands? The Phalen Test reveals immediately whether you need to quickly OP

Carpal tunnel syndrome treat

At surgery a local anaesthesia is sufficient in most cases. The surgeon, by a Band called the Retinaculum flexorum separates in the area of the hand root. In the conventional open method, it sets a maximum of three-centimeter-long cut on the wrist. He treated with an endoscopy, in which he introduces a little camera, ranging from one to two much smaller incisions.

After the treatment, patients should keep their Hand is movable, and the fingers back into a fist to close. To prevent stiff joints. After three weeks, the joint is usually fully resilient.