Chronic fatigue – causes and treatment

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There are many causes of chronic fatigue, such as, for example:

  • Sleep problems,
  • A side effect of some medicines,
  • chronic diseases,
  • Burnout syndrome or other mental illness pictures,
  • Virus diseases,
  • Food intolerances
  • or deficiency symptoms.

Lack of sleep and disturbed circadian rhythms

With the feeling of fatigue, a rest is and sleep need of the organism referred to, as it is in the evening, normally after a busy day, more or less felt. The fatigue is thus a kind of protection for the body and the mind, a Signal that the time has come for a recovery. In sleep be mobilized by the recovery of new energy reserves, so that optimal performance should be achieved after a six – to eight-hour sleep phase. The usual sleeping is disturbed-Awake-rhythm, strong tiredness, which can permanently lead to severe exhaustion with serious health consequences. Especially professional requirements with night or shift work, and our circadian day-night rhythm, which is normally tied to time of Day or the state of the sun and the moon, out of balance and thus well-being, performance and health.
There are many everyday factors that can interfere with healthy sleep, such as:

  • Stress and inner turmoil,
  • Snoring,
  • to hot bathing or showers,
  • to heavy meals in the evening,
  • an unfavorable environment such as poorly ventilated spaces, or noise
  • or excitement through movies, TV shows, or computer games late at night.

Some of them can be eliminated in the course of a change of lifestyle, which affects the quality of sleep is significantly positive. Other reasons for lack of sleep in and by sleep disorders or by nightmares caused restless sleep. However, too much sleep can cause fatigue, but less on the duration than on the quality of sleep.

Chronic Viral Diseases

Acute fatigue feeling without a lack of sleep can also announce an infection, the sufferers. Sometimes a latent fatigue and decreased performance, however, remain after the decayed symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose for a long time. It is believed in naturopathy-oriented medicine is a conversion of different viruses and vaccine Viruses in so-called Slow-shapes, which appear as a chronic viral disease with new forms of expression. The symptoms can occur immediately after overcoming an illness or vaccination, it can take months or years until the outbreak of the symptoms. After the experiences with the clinical histories, Reports from Affected and electro-acupuncture measurement of alternative medical the Epstein-Barr Virus (glandular fever), Herpes it is mainly simplex viruses, measles viruses, as well as different contact sub-types of the Influenza Virus (flu), the forms in the new expression, among other things, with the Symptom of chronic fatigue or exhaustion.

Deficiency symptoms

To stay physically and mentally alert and efficient, our organism needs regular supply of water, nutrients, minerals and trace elements. We drink too little water leads to internal dehydration to fatigue, impaired concentration, and a imbalance in the electrolyte balance. Even if one-sided diet, and intestinal disorders, severe diarrhea, Stress
or pregnancy Vitamin and mineral deficiencies cause, it is often accompanied by physically and mentally-perceived fatigue, immune weakness, and listlessness. Iron deficiency can cause, for example, blood poverty (anemia), while potassium deficiency muscle causes weakness. A varied diet with plenty of green vegetables and whole grain products helps to prevent Vitamin and mineral deficiency is usually sufficient. Increased need exists, such as during pregnancy or in the convalescence, vitamins and minerals are intermittently fed. In the case of organic disorders is a therapy should be carried out after the basic disease.

Pain of the liver

In naturopathy, fatigue is still regarded as the “pain of the liver”. The liver is the most important Organ in the degradation of endogenous and exogenous substances. This task as the most important Detoxification center, the liver, accomplished with the help of enzymes, which are found only here, sufficient to provide for the continuous conversion and excretion of toxic waste products via bile and kidneys. The liver is additives by the confrontation with environmental toxins, chemical Food, drugs, medicines and heavy metals so overloaded that it can lead to impaired liver function and liver congestion. With the symptoms of fatigue, rapid exhaustion and reduce the performance of hand-in-hand, because the toxic substances may get into the blood and nervous system. This can clearly be taken into account in the so-called “spring fatigue”, the cure (fasting, herbs, compresses, homeopathic remedies), in particular the liver. In the natural healing herbs to strengthen the liver anyway in almost any recipe. Liver disease, symptoms the Main chronic fatigue syndrome is one, are also the fatty liver, liver cirrhosis and chronic Hepatitis.

Chronic Diseases

Fatigue continues to be perceived in a variety of chronic functional disorders and diseases. For example:

  • Fibromyalgia,
  • Sick-Sinus Syndrome (Heart Rhythm Disorders),
  • a low blood pressure (Hypotonus),
  • Hypoglycaemia,
  • Hepatitis,
  • Multiple Sclerosis,
  • Lung diseases,
  • chronic Glomerulonephritis,
  • chronic hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid),
  • Bowel diseases and food intolerances,
  • latent Squint (Heterophoria)
  • as well as seizures in the brain (epilepsy).

Bowel diseases and food intolerances, such as Crohn’s disease or gluten intolerance (celiac disease) cause the dietary intake of iron and other minerals are not sufficient.

Duration of fatigue accompanied by cold feeling, depression, nervousness, hair loss, lack of concentration, and metabolic problems, a note on an underactive thyroid or the Hashimoto’s can be a disease. The diagnostics can identify these very common diseases, precisely on the basis of the examination of the blood (Thyroid hormone levels TSH, T3 and T4), ultrasound examination, and Scintigraphies.

In the case of AIDS and malignant cancers (with and without led chemotherapy) leads to the generally lowered Resistance to fatigue and exhaustion.

Fatigue and Psyche

The state of fatigue can also be a Symptom of that circumscribed accompanied announces mental syndromes and/or constantly. So is complaining to a Depression, in particular, the larvierten Depression (sometimes for a long time) about continuing tiredness, and exhaustion. Prolonged Stress without periods of relaxation to the physical, emotional, and cognitive fatigue, which can result in the so-called Burnout syndrome. Similarly, but can also lead to under exposure to mental health problems with fatigue feelings, as the symptoms of Boreout syndrome.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome (CFS)

After the exclusion of countless diseases and disorders, especially when pain is added, and is known to the chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), also known as Myalgic encephalomyelitis, is diagnosed. As one of the civilization diseases of modern times, the chronic fatigue syndrome is observed increasingly in the highly industrialized countries. Latest studies show that an overactive immune system plays as the cause of the chronic fatigue syndrome an essential role.

The clinical picture is very diffuse and the impairment of quality of life of those Affected is immense. Characteristic in the case of CFS following symptoms, which can be simultaneously or separately deposits are often:

  • a state of lasting several months, exhaustion,
  • Phases of recovery will bring no relief,
  • the Suffering can be physical or psychological in nature,
  • Muscle pain, joint pains and headaches,
  • Memory and concentration problems,
  • Swelling of the lymph nodes,
  • Sleep disorders
  • or neck pain.

Typically, in this syndrome, the aggravation of all symptoms after mental or physical stress. So far, no clear-cut strategy for the treatment exist as the causes of this disease can not be clearly resolved.

Healthy life-style as a self-help

In order to take measures against the chronic fatigue, you have to deal with one’s quality of life, because a healthy lifestyle is an effective base in order to provide the symptoms of the forehead.
These include, among others:

  • a lot of movement, ideally outdoors and in any weather,
  • a healthy diet, vitamin diet, lots of fruits and vegetables instead of fatty foods rich rich,
  • Acidification of the body to avoid
  • Waiver of coffee, sugary foods and alcohol,
  • drink plenty of water, since water plays in all of the processes in the body an important role,
  • Relaxation techniques such as Meditation, Yoga or Quigong,
  • well-ventilated sleeping space, free from clutter or Allergy triggers
  • and a well-organized daily routine, so that stress situations can be avoided.

The role of the environment

An important factor is often underestimated. The Stress that is caused by the Affected in addition to the actual disease by the people in your environment. Often, disease-related fatigue suffering will be the end of people who are characterized only decreased in the ability to focus on your tasks, your environment – be it school, family or work – misunderstood, stigmatized, or bullying are exposed to. You suffer in addition to including you as a “träge“ and “faul“ to be referred to. The right way of dealing with victims and the acceptance of the state contributes significantly to the alleviation of their suffering.

Natural remedy for fatigue

For latent fatigue that is not associated with clinically measurable changes, are to be found in natural healing and alternative medicine, a variety of explanations and remedies. In naturopathy, the school of medical strict separation of physical and mental processes through a consideration of the complex and is interwoven closely with each other and mutual influencing processes in the organism are replaced. To regulate this, the therapy is, therefore, ideally from psycho-therapeutic interventions (talk therapy, hypnotherapy), classical naturopathy (liver detoxification, detoxification method) and energy methods (ear acupuncture, Bach flower therapy, homeopathy) individual concepts are created and with a change in the way of living and eating combined.

When must be looked for medical help?

In the case of long-lasting fatigue that persists stubbornly despite the recovery phases, it can be a Symptom of a mental or physical illness. The medical examination can determine the causes, mostly diagnostic measures, such as, for example, a blood test are necessary. In order to determine the right strategy, you should not take hesitate to medical help. When fatigue comes as a side effect of the medication in question should be searched for alternative means. (jvs, mj; updated on 08.01.2019)