Charcoal burn: So you do it right

All have Hunger, but the Grill is still hot? With these tips, you get your charcoal faster than ever to Glow.

If it is warm outside, the life under the open sky, often until late into the night. Together with your family, colleagues or good friends you enjoy on warm summer evenings, cheerful barbecue events in a nice round. Whether it’s meat, bread, vegetables, or cheese, on the Grill, it just tastes delicious. Especially on a charcoal grill is the typical and popular barbecue-flavor. Only the waiting time until the glow is hot enough, it can dampen the BBQ mood. So that your guests don’t have to practice with a stomach growl in patience, there are some practical Tricks and each grill master has his other method. Which of these works well, and how you can make the Grill properly fire? We have the best tips!

Proper preparation is the A and O

Already in front of the grill, there are several things to consider. You would be best to buy more expensive, high-quality barbecue charcoal. It consists of pieces of a similar size. The charcoal burns evenly and the air can optimally circulate. Charcoal to light faster than briquettes, this comes with briquettes for a longer lasting glow. It is important to dry storage of coal.

  • Healthy grilling – so geht's Best offer on

A lot or a little coal – the main thing is layered well

Whether is better to start with just a little charcoal in the Grill or a big pile, the ghosts. Little coal is glowing faster, however, you need to be then mixed with the rest of the coal. Whether small or large Coal mining: Stack barbecue charcoal and briquettes is best pyramid-shaped to each other.

Respect – so please don’t!

  • Of spirit or petrol due to the high risk of explosion and the toxic fumes is better the Finger.
  • Newspaper is also not recommended, as the paper ash is stirred up during grilling and eating.

With BBQ igniters it is fun and easy

Grill lighter may facilitate the Kindling of charcoal considerably. In trade you will find both a solid grill lighters, as well as those in gel form. Before you place food to be grilled on the Grill should be burned in the grill lighter out of health completely. For environment conscious people, there are grill lighters, made of natural materials such as wood wool, sawdust or plant wax. Read the instruction manual carefully and follow the instructions exactly.