As a rule, pain get a grip

Cramps in abdomen, dizziness, headache, Nausea, diarrhea: menstrual problems are for many women a burden. Especially often they occur in girls or young women. In some pain and discomfort are so powerful that they regularly skip school, or unable to work must report. The chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony, gives tips on how women preventively or in Acute cases can act.

According to studies, up to 90 percent of all women suffer from it especially at the beginning of the Menstruation is always under more or less onerous complaints. Three-quarters of them are girls and young women up to 25 years. Often there are no pathological organic cause, and because of the frequency of the pressure from outsiders is downplayed often. The complaints go hand in hand but with crippling cramps in the lower abdomen that may radiate to the legs or the lower back. Accompanying Nausea, headache, feeling light-headed, sweating, or gastrointestinal issues possible. Most of the symptoms on the first day of your period, then you will be gradually weaker.

With the movement against the pain

To make the beginning of your period more bearable, recommends the chamber of pharmacists of lower Saxony a healthy lifestyle, not Smoking, drinking only moderately consume on a normal weight. Anyone who is regularly active, such walkt or riding a bike, doing the body several times well: thanks to the exercise, the pelvis will solve thoroughly supplied with blood, cramps of the Uterus itself. In addition, Jogging, Pilates and other activities to help endorphins to be distributed, what relaxes again.

Wärme trägt to relax in

Relaxation techniques such as Yoga or autogenic Training not only help you to loosen up, but you can ensure that you will be more resistant to stress. This can also have a beneficial effect on menstrual discomfort. A lot of women to speak to also has a positive effect on heat applications, because they promote, similar to the movement, the circulation of the blood. What kind of the warmth of a woman most likely, is a completely individual: From the hot-water bottle on the lower abdomen about the course in the Sauna to a warm sitz bath the possibilities are endless.

Pain silent Wisely take

The cramps during Menstruation are strong, can also come from pain medication is used. Drug of choice in a rule, analgesics such as Ibuprofen, Naproxen or Diclofenac are pain. They inhibit the Prostaglandin synthesis: At the end of Cycle will be an increased formation of pain substances such as prostaglandins, messengers, with which the mucous membrane is more easily removed. However, this also means that the muscles of the uterus shrinks more and tense. In addition, the messengers to reach other organs and tissues. Consequently, women tend to have headaches, Nausea, vomiting, and sensiblerem comprehensive sensation of pain.

Anyone who suffers each month, under considerable discomfort, you may take a first dose, before the bleeding starts. Otherwise, we recommend taking it right at the beginning of the tribulation. The maximum daily dose of the medicinal product must never be exceeded. Accurate information the pharmacist is here.

If the symptoms are very strong or the rule, strikingly different than usual expires, should women take to a gynecologist for help. The symptoms can be caused by inflammation, fibroids, cysts or endometriosis is also characterized in that the body rejecting a mechanical contraceptive such as a spiral or a diaphragm.


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