Anyone who wants to lose weight should not fall on these errors in

1) on the scale fix: The body’s weight fluctuates within a day by up to 1.8 kilograms. And who is transformed through a lot of Training fat into muscle, it loses no weight. Monthly photos, or the measurement of the abdominal circumference are more meaningful Alternatives.


2) The wrong amount of calories: A calorie deficit is the key for weight loss. Studies show that almost everyone underestimates the calories of the food that is consumed. But beware: if you take 1000 calories per day, you risk muscle wasting. This is not only dangerous, but also counterproductive: muscles burn fat.


3) The wrong Training Who trained with a reduced amount of calories sufficient to lose muscles and slows down its metabolism. Weight loss will take longer. Who drives in a lot of sports, overused his body quickly. This is neither effective nor healthy.


4) The Weights ignore The weight Training maintains the muscles and encourages the metabolism. Studies show that this Form of training is an essential component of a successful weight-loss strategy.


5) Low-Fat or diet products: corresponds to low fat in many products are often a large quantity of sugar. Don’t be fooled. A look at the nutrient table provides clarity.


6) The Training of overestimate: people tend to overestimate the amount of exercise calories burned. Only on the basis of a training unit should fill no second Serving.


7) low Protein diet: proteins reduce appetite, increase the feeling of fullness and increase the metabolism. So why do without?


8) high expectations: When Removing any large targets, but these are often cause for frustration. A realistic goal setting increases the Motivation and decreases the risk of dropping out.


9) sugar drink: It is well known that soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. However, this is unfortunately also true for many of the juices! So a Surplus is from the calorie deficit very quickly.


10) finished products: It happens quickly, that you überisst to finished products. In the case of self-cooked food, with non of the ingredients worked, the feeling of satiety much faster.