You can see in the Video: RKI – Corona-infection rate is rising again.

Lothar Wieler, RKI-President: “The reproduction number R is currently at about 1.0. But, as we see again and again, there are large regional differences. In the middle, but that means that currently about one infected Person infects another with the SARS Coronavirus 2 in Germany. Also, the number of newly submitted death cases is still high. It were still being transferred between 100 and 300 cases deaths per day. Well, that is, that the capacity in the hospitals is large. So that means we have no bottlenecks, we will have enough intensive care beds and mechanical ventilation courses. And according to the current – but I stress under the current Situation, we can predict any bottlenecks. And it is here in Germany so far, really – and I managed to stress, all of us relatively well to come through this epidemic to date. This Virus is in our country and will also still be here for months and months. And when we are in public transport or in a shop or in an environment where we do not maintain this distance, perhaps with the necessary security, please we carry, in addition to a mouth-nose cover. And that is to protect others.”