81-Year-old suffers from priapism – a few days later he is dead

Unspeakable pain you must have suffered an 81-year-old Australian, as he arrived in the emergency room of the hospital, Woolloongabba in the state of Queensland. For 15 hours the man had not been able to urinate, reported a doctor to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. A painful persistent erection prevented that the pensioner was able to leave the water. Thus, of the 81 tortured-Year-old for three months until he to the doctor went. There you quickly found the cause of the excruciating pain. The sad diagnosis: cancer of the bladder.

Tumor on the bladder wall, Doctors suspect priapism

Priapism call doctors of a permanent and painful erection, to suffer at the hands of the Australians. Is triggered by, among others, malignant tumors. The Doctors also found during the investigations of the man in Queensland, and to the bladder wall. The Patient had previously reported to have blood in the urine noted. An important indication for such a cancer. The Problem is the Australians, whose Name was not known: The cancer had already spread to the surrounding tissue and, among other things, in the stomach, the lymph nodes in the genitals spread. Accordingly, the tumor cells filled the Penis of the pensioner. The led according to the Doctors at the Princess Alexandra Hospital for the duration of erection.

In the literature only few cases are known in which priapism due to bladder cancer was caused. Not even 500 it should be. Exact Figures are not available, apparently.

Bladder cancer: Surgical intervention comes too late

Three inches long the cancer, which was discovered in the Scans was therefore. Further tissue studies confirmed the suspicions of the Doctors: your Patient was suffering from a so – called plasmacytoid urothelial carcinoma (UPC), a rare – and in most cases deadly Form of bladder cancer. By means of a catheter, the specialists in Australia relieved the bladder of the man. For a surgical procedure, it was, according to Dr. Ryan Pereira is already too late. Therefore, the Senior asked to be palliative treatment to relieve at least the symptoms. But it didn’t. His condition deteriorated rapidly. A few days later the man was dead. So it writes to Dr. Pereira, in his case report in the “BM Journal”

Before his death, the Patient, his Doctors reported it to be a heavy smoker have been. 100 boxes per year to do it. According to the National Health Service (NHS), the national health system in the UK is due to any third bladder cancer diagnosis on strong tobacco consumption. Also the German cancer society, Smoking is referred to as the “predisposing factor”.

Sources: Daily Mail, “BM Journal”