Springy Coloring Pages to Make Cooped-Up Kids FEEL Like They're Outside

Whether kids are cooped up because of coronavirus school closures / quarantines or just plain-old springtime rainy days, one thing holds true: Down time with crabby kids is anything but sunshine and rainbows. Well, unless you’re a celebrity self-quarantined in your mansion right about now; those families seem to be having a grand-old time. But with these springtime-themed coloring pages, it doesn’t have to be stressful doldrums for us Normals. Just click ahead in the slideshow, print your favorites, bust out the crayons/coloring pencils/markers/paints and get ready to channel some sunnier days within the (potentially gloomy, we get it) confines of your house or apartment.

These printables depict everything that’s great about the spring season — from rainbows, butterflies, and growing things aplenty to little birdies in love. But hey, their spring-centric festiveness doesn’t mean kids can’t use them to scribble their little hearts out year-round. With crayons in hand, kids will have a blast breathing life into everything from blooming sunflowers to chirping birds to plenty of other animals — like an aviator rabbit, a kayaking kitten and a dancing duck.

And when the tots have put the final touches on their masterpieces, why not frame them? That’s where part two of this afternoon full of arts-and-crafts fun comes in: coloring in frame templates to show off the beautiful works of art.

So what are you waiting for? In just a few hours, you’ll have plenty of new art to post up on the fridge — or, you know, on every wall of your house.

A version of this article was originally published in March 2014.

5 Spring Butterflies

I spy with my little eye: five spring butterflies.

4 Spring Butterflies

You can never have too many butterflies, right?

Spring Animals

A rabbit, ladybug, sheep and more — take your pick.

Spring Flower

This spring flower is happy to see you.

Spring Swan

Oh, to be able to swim and nap at the same time.

Spring Lovebirds

Just a couple of lovebirds.

Silly Goose

This silly goose shows off its dance moves.

Spring Daffodils

April showers must have brought these.

Butterfly Flying

Spotted: a butterfly mid-flight.

Petunia Flowers

Plant petunias on a sunny day, paint petunias on a rainy day.


Is this handsome goose bowing in a lake or a field or outer space or what? Kids get to decide.


This butterfly is just begging for some rainbow wings.

Singing Bird

Bonus points for drawing his song.

Bee & Flowers

Is there anything more cheerful than a bee on a bloom?


These pretty poppies need a pop of color.

Woman With Flowers

A gardener holds a basketful of flowers.

Spring Watering Can

Water plus seeds plus dirt plus sunshine equals…

Spring Sun

Hello, spring!

Spring Flowers

A couple of spring flowers enjoy the sunshine.

Kitty in a Boat

But where is the owl?

Aviator Bunny & Kayaking Kitten

Oh, forget the owl: This is the classic meet-cute between the aviator bunny and the pussycat.

Bunny in a Car

Ten and 2, bunny! Ten and 2!

Bunny in an Airplane

Let's hope this little guy is licensed…

Streaming Sunlight

Isn't life just sunshine and rainbows sometimes?

2 Flowers

Hmm, what color should these two dancing flowers be?

Watering Plants

A little gardener waters the plants.

Happy Pig

Who said all pigs need to be pink?

Snail With a Mushroom

Let's call this little guy Señor Snail, shall we?

Bird & Chicks

A mama bird feeds her chirping chicks.

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