Jenna Jameson Defends Letting Daughter Play Near Open Window: 'Pipe Down'

Sticking up for herself! Jenna Jameson clapped back at the parenting police after she was bashed for letting her 2-year-old daughter, Batel, play near an open window.

“Okay, I am getting annoyed by everybody saying they are nervous from these windows,” the former adult film star, 45, said in a Monday, May 14, Instagram Story upload. “As you can see, they are all sealed. This one literally only opens that far.” She demonstrated, only able to put her hand outside.

Jameson added: “Do you see? That’s it. Okay? I don’t think Batel is going to be able to fit through here, okay? All y’all concerned can just pipe down.”

The Something Blue author continued giving her followers a tour of her new condo in Hawaii, which she now lives in with her fiancé Lior Bitton. The two welcomed Batel in April 2017, and Jameson also shares 10-year-old twins, Jesse and Journey, with mixed martial artist Tito Ortiz.

Last month, the Las Vegas native responded to a social media user who commented on her porn star past. “Do you regret your past? What or how will you explain to Batel later in life?” the troll asked in April. “What are your words of wisedom [sic] to Batel? What do you want for her future? I’m not trying to be mean. I just truly want honest answers. This is not only about your weight lose [sic] and struggles there. Your [sic] now a mother so I am sure [your] perspective has changed.”

Jameson, who lost more than 80 pounds after giving birth to Batel, shut the hater down, writing, “That’s none of your business. Oh and a piece of advice, if you have to say ‘not trying to be mean’ it’s usually better left unsaid.”

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